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AIBI Slendertone ABS 8 - Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to use it?
Use your Slendertone abdominal toner at least 5 days a week, for 20-30 minutes a day.

Can I wash my Slendertone product?
All Slendertone Garments (e.g. belt, skirt etc) can be hand-washed in lukewarm water. Always remember to remove all electronic components, Gel Pads™ etc and keep the electrical connectors dry. Leave to dry naturally on a surface – do not tumble dry or leave on a heater or radiator. Electronic components such as controllers, batteries, wires etc should NOT be washed – nor should Gel Pads™.

Can I use my Slendertone System abdominal toning belt on any other part of my body?
No. Slendertone EMS toning products are designed for specific body parts. Slendertone System abdominal toning belts are designed only for use on the abdominal region.

What is EMS? How does it work?
EMS is Electrical Muscle Stimulation – Electrical messages are sent from the Slendertone garment through the medical-grade Gel Pads to the nerves that control your muscles – causing the muscles to contract and relax. 

What should I be doing while I'm wearing my belt?
Almost ANYTHING! You can use it while sitting, doing work, or maximize your toning session by using your belt while exercising. We do, however, recommend that you avoid driving while wearing an EMS product – since this may limit your ability to react to the road. 

Can it help to burn fats?
This product is more for toning and firming your muscles and abdomen. It is not clinically proven to help with fat burning.  

I have a pre-existing illness – can I use a Slendertone EMS toning or muscle conditioning device?
If you have any of the following illnesses, you should not use a Slendertone EMS product.
- Heart problems
- Including people fitted with a pacemaker
- Diabetes of the type which requires you to inject insulin
- Cancer
- Particularly if you have cancerous lesions on your skin

There are also a number of illnesses, which require you to seek your doctor’s advice before using a Slendertone EMS device. These are outlined at the beginning of our manual. If you have any concerns not mentioned here, or addressed by the manuals, we strongly recommend that you consult your doctor before using a Slendertone EMS product.

I recently had a baby – can I still use a Slendertone EMS product?
You must wait at least 6 weeks after giving birth and 3 months after a caesarean before using a Slendertone EMS product – this is to allow all scar tissue etc to heal fully before exercising the muscles. We would also recommend that you consult your doctor if you have any concerns.

Is there any difference between the belts for men and for women?
Yes. The belts are ergonomically designed to suit either the male or female body. Male belts fit waist size 27” to 47” while female belts fit waist size 24” to 44”.

Are there different sizes or is there only one standard size?
The belt is adjustable according to your waist size, and is suitable for waist sizes between 24” to 47”.

Can I use more than one toning product at the same time?
No. We recommend that you only use EMS on one body part at a time. You can, however, use more than 1 type of EMS toner on different parts of the body on the same day – providing you do not exceed more than 40 minutes of stimulation on any one area (only 20 minutes on your arms).

How often do I need to change my Gel Pads™?
Slendertone Gel Pads™ are designed to last for approx 25-30 sessions of 30 minutes (this can vary according to the intensity level you work at, skin type etc).

Can I use my Slendertone System abdominal toner more than once a day?
Yes. But we recommend that you do only one 20-30 minute toning session per day. After this session your muscles will be tired and, since tired muscles don’t work as hard, you may not get any additional benefit from a second session. We recommend that you allow time for your muscles to recover. If you do wish to use your Slendertone belt a second time, you should leave 6 to 8 hours between sessions for your muscles to recover.

Do you have to put in batteries before usage?
Slendertone Abs 8 is USB rechargeable, simply plug in the given wire and give it a charge when the battery runs out. It takes about 3 hours or less for a full recharge. 

Does it work?
Yes, Slendertone EMS toning products will strengthen and tone your muscles as clinically demonstrated in several trials – the most recent of which was carried out by Dr John Porcari at the University of Wisconsin. On average, participants in the trial showed a 25% increase in abdominal strength.

Will it hurt?
No. When you first put on the product and turn it on, you are at the lowest setting. As you increase the intensity, the sensation goes from a tingly feeling to a distinct muscle contraction and relaxed state.

What is EMS? How does it work?
EMS is Electrical Muscle Stimulation – Electrical messages are sent from the Slendertone garment through the medical-grade Gel Pads to the nerves that control your muscles – causing the muscles to contract and relax. 

Are there any ill effects from using EMS stimulation over long periods of time?
The FDA has cleared all Slendertone EMS products for sale in the US as Class II medical devices – and they are safe and effective for their intended purpose (muscle conditioning or strengthening and toning). The long-term effects of EMS muscle stimulation are not known – however, Physical therapists and doctors all over the world have used this type of technology for over 40 years.

Can I use it every day?
Yes, you can use your product every day. But if your muscles get tired, you may wish to leave a day without toning for them to recover before your next toning session.

Can I wear it to sleep? 
It is advisable not to wear it to sleep. 

How long before/after meals can I use this product?
You can use it any time before meals. As for after meals, do wait for 1 hour before using the product. 

So many programs, which one to use?
All Slendertone products are designed to automatically progress you through a series of workouts, before settling at a specific programme. We recommend Programmes 5 and 6 for the most effective programmes.

What muscles do Slendertone System abdominal toning belts exercise?
Slendertone System abdominal toning belts exercise the entire abdominal region – the Obliques, Rectus Abdominis and Transversus Abdominis.

Can I share my belt with a partner?
The belts themselves can be shared – but for hygiene reasons; the Gel Pads are designed for single-person use.

Caring for your Slendertone product

Where should I store my Slendertone product?
Store your Slendertone product in a cool, dry place and avoid storing in a damp or humid environment. Use the handy travel pouch provided to protect the belt from accidental damage, dust etc.

How will I know when it is time to change my Gel Pads™?
1. When stimulation isn’t as strong as it used to be and you can work at a much higher intensity level than normal 
2. The Gel Pads™ don’t stick to your skin as well
3. The Gel Pads™ look visibly worn – they are thinner and appear dry.
4. When the Gel Pads™ are worn out, your unit will begin beeping and you may not be able to increase the intensity level above 3.

Is there anything I can do to make my Gel Pads™ last longer?
1. Wipe your skin clean before using the product
2. Once you’ve applied your Gel Pads™ to the product, avoid removing them until they have worn out
3. ALWAYS cover the Gel Pads™ after session (with the plastic that comes with it or any kind of plastic)
4. Once the Gel Pads™ are starting to wear, you can prolong their life by sprinkling a few drops of water on the back of the pad to rehydrate the Hydrogel substance.

How often do I need to change my batteries?
The life of the battery lasts approximately 2 years. To prolong the life of your rechargeable battery, always let the power run down fully before recharging the battery.
Each charge lasts approximately 15 to 20 sessions.

My Slendertone unit always resets the intensity level to 0 – can I get it to store my intensity level settings so that it turns on at the level I last worked out at?
No. This is a safety feature – we are required to reset the intensity levels to zero in order to avoid any 3rd party receiving a stronger stimulation than their muscles are used to. This feature allows you to set the intensity to the best level for you, each time you use your Slendertone product.

Medical FAQs

My skin goes red when I use my Slendertone EMS product – is this normal?
Some people have experienced mild skin irritation while using the product. Simply allow your skin to return to normal before using your device again. Then ensure you cleanse your skin with water (dry your skin afterwards) before using your product again. Avoid applying any moisturizers, perfumes or lotions to the area you are toning, since these can react with the GelPads™ to irritate your skin.
If irritation persists, consult a doctor.

I feel a tingling in my legs when I use my Slendertone EMS abdominal toning belt?
This is likely to result from the belt being positioned too low on your body and triggering the sciatic nerve. Please reposition the belt so that it is around your waist and your belly button is in the middle of the square pad.

I feel a tingling in the wrong place when I use my Slendertone EMS toning product – is this normal?
No – you should only feel the tingling on the body part you are toning. This is likely to be resolved by repositioning your Slendertone EMS toning product on your body. Refer to your manual for information on where to position your product.



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