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CUCKOO Q10 Multi Rice Cooker - Frequently Asked Questions


Baby food min 10mins | standard 40 mins | max 2hrs

Multi cook min/standard 10 mins | max 90mins

Oven min 10mins | standard 20 mins | max 90mins

Other rice settings are automated.


Set language 

- holding autoclean - left right on menu - pressure cook/keep warm to set

0 = English

1 = Malay

2 = Mandarin


Audio volume

- hold auto clean - press the auto clean again - left-right menu to adjust - pressure/keep warm to set


Choose cooking method

- menu left-right, pressure cook to start


Set time (multi-cook,oven,baby food)

- After choosing the cooking method, press time-pressure cook to set

- Keep warm, can be unlocked, no timer set

- Reheat, need to lock, no timer set. 9mins standard

- Preset = setting the time to include finish cooking by the time you want, click cooking setting, click pressure cook to activate

- Auto sterilise standard 24mins, level 2 water

- Glutinous turbo setting is a savings of a few minutes

- Oven Setting can be used while the lid is opened to stir fry. Open lid and lock to activate heating.

- Multi-cook Setting can be used while the lid is open. Open the lid and lock it to activate heating.



What item comes with the rice cooker set?
The multi-cooker comes with a user manual, cooking guide, rice scoop, rice measuring cup, steam plate and cleaning pin (attached at the bottom of the unit).


Functions/Cooking Modes

How many cooking modes does CUCKOO have?
CUCKOO has 9 cooking modes which are GABA rice, Glutinous rice, Turbo Glutinous rice, Sushi rice, Mixed rice, Multi-cook, Oven and Baby food.


If I want to cook white rice, what function should I use?
You may use the Glutinous Rice function if you wish to cook white rice, or you may choose the Glutinous Turbo Rice function for faster cooking time. Alternatively, you can use the mixed rice function, but it would take longer (up to 40 minutes)


What is the mixed rice function about/ What can I cook using the mixed rice function?
Mixed rice function can be used to cook any miscellaneous type of rice. Other than that you can use it to cook glutinous rice mixed in cereals. You may also use it to cook boiled barley and five-grain rice. 


What can I cook using the multi-cook function?
You may use it to make soup or even prepare dishes such as boiled eggs/steamed eggs, pumpkin soup, steamed chicken and steak.


What can I cook using the Oven function?
Oven function can be used for stir-fry, even oil-free for a healthier choice. It can also be used as a basic oven, and you can even prepare cheesecake in it!


What can I cook using the Baby food function?
You may explore using the baby food function to prepare not only baby food but puree based food such as mashed potatoes. 


What is the difference between glutinous rice and glutinous turbo function?
Glutinous Turbo function has a faster cooking time compared to Glutinous Rice function. 



Can I use metal spatula while stir-frying?
We recommend that you use wooden, nylon or silicone spatulas. Using a metal spatula may cause the inner pot coating to wear away and you may be required to replace the inner pot.


How long-lasting/durable is the non-stick coating?
It varies depending on the user's usage habit. For a standard usage with consistent care of the inner pot, the non-stick coating may last up to 3 years.


Can I cook dishes such as crab/fishes/dishes that may scratch the non-stick layer?
You may prepare dishes such as crabs and fish by using the steam plate.


Scratch Resistance
Q10 is scratch resistant as long as you do not use any metal or abrasive related items to come into contact with the inner pot.



Can I change the timing for all functions?
Unfortunately, you can only change the timing for Baby Food, Multi-cook and Oven.


How much time is needed for Auto-sterilisation?
It takes around 24 minutes.


What is the standard cooking time?
The standard cooking time for Baby food is 40 minutes, Multi-cook is 10 minutes and Oven is 20 minutes. 


Can I set the reheating time?
The reheating time is at a standard timing of 9 minutes.


What is the maximum keep warm timing?
The Q10 “Keep Warm” function remains active unless you decide you switch it off. For best preparation for rice, we recommend that you do not keep warm over 48 hours as the rice colour and taste will change.


How much time is needed for glutinous rice?
It takes around 28 minutes to 43 minutes for 2 servings to 10 servings respectively.


How much time is needed for glutinous rice turbo?
It takes around 20 minutes to 27 minutes for 2 servings to 6 servings respectively.


How much time is needed for the sushi rice function?
It takes around 35 minutes to 49 minutes for 2 servings to 8 servings respectively.


How much time is needed for Mixed rice function?
It takes around 48 minutes to 62 minutes for 2 servings to 8 servings respectively.


How much time is needed for the GABA rice function?
It takes around 54 minutes to 63 minutes for 2 servings to 6 servings respectively. 


How much time is needed for Porridge function?
It takes around 90 minutes to 116 minutes for 1 cups to 2 cups respectively. 


How much time is needed for Oven/Baby Food/Multi-cook?
It depends on what you are cooking. But the minimum time available on CUCKOO is 10 minutes. 


What is the maximum cooking time for Oven/Baby Food/Multi-cook?
The maximum time for Oven and Multi-cook function is 90 minutes while the maximum time for Baby food is 2 hours.



What is the material of CUCKOO?
CUCKOO’s external material is made of Aluminium while the material inside is made of STS304.


What is the material of CUCKOO’s inner pot?
CUCKOO uses XWall material for their inner pot which has a high resistance to high heat and pressure.


What is the material of CUCKOO’s inner pot handle?
The Q10 inner pot handle is made of PA Nylon.



Do you have any other colour?
Unfortunately, we only have it in red colour.



How many languages does CUCKOO have?
There are 3 languages (Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin). Standard preset comes with English. 



What is the maximum cooking capacity for rice?
CUCKOO’S Q10 can cook up to 10 cups of rice. 


How many litres is CUCKOO’s capacity?
CUCKOO’s Q10 model has a capacity of 5 litres.



What is the dimension of this model?
The dimension of this Q10 model is 304mm (W) x 395mm (L) x 282mm (H)



What is the weight of a CUCKOO rice cooker?
CUCKOO has a weight of 7.7kg.



How to use automatic sterilisation?
Fill the water level up until water scale 2, and then make sure to close and lock the lid. After choosing the automatic cleaning menu by pressing the “Menu/Select” button, press the “Pressure cook/Turbo” button.


What is auto sterilisation about?
The Auto Sterilisation function gets rid of the odour and stains that might have resulted from the previous round of cooking. 


Cooking Pressure /  Pressure Valve

What is the estimated cooking pressure of this model?
It has a pressure of approximately 78.4kPa.


Is there a pressure valve and if it is noisy or not?
Yes, there is a pressure valve and the sound emitted is not significantly loud.



Can I use it as a steamer?
Yes. You can use the multi-cook function as a steamer. You can also use the steam plate which has been provided as part of the accessories of the product. 


Can I cook soup in CUCKOO?
Yes, you may use the Multi-cook function to cook soup.


Can I cook beans in CUCKOO?
Yes you may use the Multi-cook function to cook beans.


Can I cook baked rice in CUCKOO?
Yes, you may use the oven function to cook baked rice.


Can I open the lid and cook while using the Multi-cook/Baby Food function?
For the best cooking result, we recommend that you close the lid, lock and select the preferred cooking function. Q10 multi cooker is optimized for pressure cooking and steam cooking which the lid has to be locked.


Can I Deep Fry using CUCKOO?
Unfortunately, you cannot deep fry as there is no deep fry function.


Can I use CUCKOO to reheat food (that is previously not cooked in the cooker)?
Hi there, you can do so, but this depends on what food you’re heating up as the function timing is preset at 9 minutes. You can choose to reheat twice or more if you want to heat it up for longer. 


Must I lock it while reheating/keep warm?
While reheating, CUCKOO must be locked. For “Keep Warm”, you may leave CUCKOO unlocked.


How long does CUCKOO last?
It varies depending on the user’s usage habit. For a standard Korean family, they can use the product for about 10 years taking into consideration they use it once a day.



What is the GABA rice function?
GABA rice is made by germinating brown rice to sprout its 0.5-1mm-length cereal germ, fully activating the rice’s innate nutrition and making it fluffier, tastier and easier to digest. With CUCKOO, preparing GABA rice is a lot smoother and quicker at 2,4 and 6 hours preset at your preference. 


Water level

What is the desired water level to prepare the best taste of rice?
The standard ratio of preparation is usually one cup of rice to one cup of water. The type of rice you use may vary. Generally, the amount of rice and the amount of water should be at the same level when placed in the inner pot on a flat surface. 


How do I know the amount of water to be used for different types of rice?
There will be an indication on the inside of the pot. The number stated is according to the number of cups of rice you are cooking. Simply fill water up to that level. 


Preset Timing

How long before cooking can I preset the cooker to?
You can preset the cooking time from 1 hour to 12 hours 50 minutes in advance.



Will the non-stick coating peel off if I scrub the inner pot?
We highly recommend that you use the type of scrubbers that are cotton scrubbers, sponge scrubbers, extra-fine type or net scrubbers to clean the inner pot (inside and out). Using metallic scrubbers, stainless steel scrubbers, or scrubbers of an abrasive type may cause the inner pot coating to wear away and you would need to replace the inner pot. 


Pressure cooker usage

Can I use CUCKOO as a pressure cooker?
Yes you can, as Q10 is a pressure multi-cooker


Power cord length

What is the power cord length of this model?
The power cord length is 1.45m.


Safety Features

How many safety features are there for this model?
There are 14 safety features namely Over Heat protecting thermal sensor, remaining pressure emitting device, device for critical pressure, soft steam cap, non-reversible safety device, automatic steam emission device, pressure controlling device (pressure poise), lock checking device for safety, over-heat preventing fuse (thermal fuse), inner pot detection device, magnetic safety sensor of the top lid, a device for dangerous electric voltage, circuit safety device to prevent overheat, automatic power-off device - circuit board fuse. 





Light yellow rice

My cooked rice can be light yellow at the bottom. Is it malfunctioned?
The cooked rice being light yellow at the bottom of the pot is known as the melanoizing effect, because this product is designed to improve pleasant flavour and taste. You may see a more intense melanoizing effect when set at  “Preset cooking” than just “Cooking”. It does not, however, suggest that your cooker is malfunctioned.


Purchasing Elsewhere / Model 

Can I buy this model in other stores?
Please note that Q10 is an exclusive launch model in partnership with JML. The models are only available through JML during this promotional period.


What is the difference between this model and other CUCKOO models?
Q10 is a newer model and it has the Baby Food and Oven functions that other models possibly do not have.


How is CUCKOO’s “Keep Warm” function different from others?
CUCKOO multi-cooker designed with a 3D warming system which encapsulates at the bottom, side and in the lid of the multi-cooker. The duration to activate and deactivate the keep warm function is depending on the user's preference.



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