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Evercook Frying Pan - Frequently Asked Questions

How long can Evercook last?

Evercook can last for a few years, but it also depends on how often you use it too!


What’s in the set?

There are 2 Evercook pans and 2 lids in this set - one 28cm pan with lid, and one 22cm pan with lid.


Can I buy only 1 pan instead of 2 and get it at a cheaper price?

Unfortunately for this offer, we are only selling it as a set of 2 -  one 28cm pan with lid, and one 22cm pan with lid.


Can I buy the pans without the lid?

Yes, it will be $99.90. 


Can I buy the lid on its own?

Yes, it will be $30 for the lid on its own.


Will the non-stick surface be easily scratched or damaged?

There’s a scratch test being tested on Evercook of up to 500,000 times. Moreover, there is an anchoring effect that holds the non-stick surface down. So it will not be easily scratched or damaged.


Is the outer layer non-stick?

Yes, the outer layer is non-stick too!


Is Evercook scratch resistant?

Evercook is abrasion / scratch resistant but not scratch proof. Scratches will still be seen, but it does not affect the quality of the non-stick. 


What is the Material of the pan?

Evercook is made of a 2-tier fluorine resin and anodised aluminium coating. It is then coated with oxidised aluminium surface, heat, salt and rub-resistant oxidised aluminium (oxide film). This makes the non-stick coating difficult to remove.


Is it ok to wash it immediately after cooking?

You can do it. But, in order to preserve the pan’s life, it would be advisable if you let it cool down first before washing.


Can I scrub the pan?

Scrubbing may cause the non-stick coating to wear away faster. Hence, we highly recommend that you use the type of scrubbers which are cotton scrubbers, sponge scrubbers, extra-fine types or net scrubbers for cleaning for a longer-lasting pan.


Where is it made in?

Evercook is made in China, but it uses Japan’s technology.


Can you cook your food oil-free?

You may cook your food without oil because of Evercook’s non-stick properties. However, it is still highly recommended to use a little bit of oil when cooking in order to prolong the durability of the pan surface.  


Can I use stainless steel turners while cooking?

This is not recommended even though the surface is abrasion / scratch resistant. To better preserve the non-stick coating, we recommend that you use wooden spatulas or silicone or nylon turners while cooking. Regular cooking with shelled seafood/food are acceptable


Can I cook a duck/whole chicken with Evercook?

It depends on the size of the duck/chicken. But Evercook comes in 28cm and 22cm that have a depth of 9cm.


Do you have it in other colours?

Unfortunately, we only have it in red.


What type of cooktops can I use it on?

You can use it on various types of cooktops such as induction, infra-red and even your stovetops too!


What is the base made out of?

The base is made of aluminium for better heat induction.


What is the material of Evercook’s handle?

Evercook has a bakelite handle, which makes it cool to the touch.


Is Evercook PTFE/PFOA free?

Although Evercook is not certified to be PFOA/PTFE free, its coating is made out of fluorine with no carbon, which makes it safer than PFOA/PTFE surfaces. 




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