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H2O Steam FX Pro - Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a vacuum cleaner?
H2O Steam FX Pro is not a vacuum cleaner; this is a powerful super-hot steamer that sanitises without nasty chemicals. 

Where can I use it on?
You can steam your floor, carpet, window, mirror, furniture, garment & drapes, toilet or kitchen appliances. It can also help to soften the grease found in your kitchen. 

Why is there no steam or little steam?
1. Check if the water tank is empty.
2. Clean the nozzle, as it might be blocked.
3. Follow the cleaning procedure to remove limescale.

Steam escapes from connections.
Check if the attachment is connected correctly, and check if there is debris or obstructions at the connection points. Therefore, remove the accessory to check and clean it.

Can I put disinfectant in the water?
Do not put any other liquid other than plain water in the water tank as it will damage the heating element since it will boil higher than 100 Degree Celsius. Do not put hot water in the water tank too. It is recommended to use filtered or distilled water for better performance.

Are there any materials that I cannot steam on it?
Do not use on leather, wax-polished furniture or floors, unsealed hardwood or parquet floors, synthetic fabrics, velvet or other delicate steam-sensitive materials.


Can't find my garment tool accessories.

The garment tool is stuck on the window cleaner with squeegee. You can just remove the squeegee attachment.


Can I use white vinegar with water for H2O Steam FX Pro?

For maintaining the H2O steam mop, you can add white vinegar into the water and let the steam power up to "FLUSH" the internal tubes to remove calcium build up that is caused by the water we have in Singapore. However, after doing it for maybe 2 reheating cycles, we need to pour the mixture away and fill it with tap water again then let the steam to power up and "FLUSH" it again to push out whatever vinegar mixture that was used earlier. 

These are just the steps to maintain the unit to prolong the lifespan.


How to use the product?
1. Fill the water to the “MAX” fill indicator line on the water tank, and then secure the water tank cap in place. Place under the main unit and screw into position following the lock & unlock marking on the water tank.
2. Attach an accessory to the steam outlet, as indicated in the “Accessories usage” Section.
3. Plug the appliance into an electrical outlet. The red indicator light will turn ON.
4. Wait approximately 20-30 seconds. When the steamer is ready to emit steam, the green indicator light will turn ON. Press and hold the steam switch to emit steam.
5. Slowly pass over the surface to be cleaned.
6. To stop emitting steam, release the steam switch button.
7. When the appliance stops emitting steam, it means that the water tank needs to be refilled. Release the steam switch button and unplug the device from the electrical outlet. Fill the water tank with water as described in step 1 and then follow steps 3-5 above.

Instructions prior to first time usage and after usage.


Prior to first time usage:

1. During usage, the green indicator light will turn OFF when the appliance re-heats and will turn ON again once it reaches the operating temperature. However, the appliance will continuously emit steam, as long as the steam switch is pressed and the water tank is filled with water, regardless if the indicator turns ON. Red light will remain ON when plugged in.

2. Do not touch the nozzle or any other attachments as they can get hot.

3. After the steam switch is turned OFF, steam will continue to flow for a short period of time (approximately 10-15 seconds) until all steam inside the entire system is released.

4. The safety lock can be used in 2 ways.
a. Press the safety lock to the locked position when the unit is powered on to prevent accidentally activating the steam switch to produce steam.
b. Press the safety lock to the locked position when pressing the steam switch down to produce steam. This allows you to release your thumb from the steam switch. Simply click the steam switch again or press down on the safety lock to deactivate it and stop the steam.

5. Use filtered or distilled water for better performance.

After use:

1. Unassembled each accessory when finished cleaning. Disconnect the power supply and pour out the remaining water in the water tank. Allow the steam cleaner to cool down for 3 to 5 minutes.

2. Remove the mop cloth (Caution: Accessories may still be hot) and clean in the washing machine or by hand.

3. Store the steam cleaner in a dry location away from direct sunlight.


1. To ensure top performance, it is recommended to replace the mop cloth every 2-3 months.

2. To avoid damage to the mop cloth, do not twist forcibly.

3. To avoid calcification of the heating element, disconnect the power supply after the steam stops (when the green indicator is on).

How to clean the product?
Disconnect the unit from the power outlet during cleaning and maintenance.
Do not immerse the H2O SteamFX Pro handheld steamer in water.

Cleaning procedure to remove limescale
If your H2O SteamFX Pro begins to produce steam slower than usual or stops producing steam, you may need to remove limescale. It is necessary to remove limescale regularly, every 25 times you use a full tank of water or once a month, especially in areas with hard water. To remove limescale from your H2O SteamFX, please follow these instructions:

Using a cleaning solution

1. Prepare a solution of 1/3 white vinegar and 2/3 water and add to the water tank.

2. Ensure that steam released is aimed away from any surrounding objects. Plug the appliance into a properly grounded electrical outlet, turn it ON and allow the unit to produce steam until the vinegar/water solution is used up.

3. Repeat the above procedure as many times as necessary until a normal steam flow is achieved.

4. Fill the water tank with freshwater and rinse out.

5. Fill the water tank with fresh water again, and release steam through the system until the water tank is empty.

6. Perform a test cleaning on a suitable isolated area after each limescale removal to ensure that there is no debris left in the system.

To clean calcium deposits building up inside the water tank:
Add 1-2 tablespoons of white vinegar to a full water tank, close the water tank cap and shake the contents. Do not turn the appliance on. Let the unit sit for a few hours. Empty the water tank and rinse with clean water until it rinses clear.
Do note that vinegar is only used to clean calcium deposits, not for normal usage.

Cleaning blocked steamer accessories:
Due to the high mineral content of water in some areas, some calcium buildup might develop inside the tip of the nozzle. To clean, it is recommended to use a spray lubricant. Spray a small burst or two of the lubricant inside the tip of the nozzle. After spraying the lubricant, fill the steamer with water and run a continuous jet of steam through the affected accessory for several minutes to remove the deposit. It is recommended performing this procedure in a protected and well-ventilated area.



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