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Hurricane Cyclone Vac - Frequently Asked Questions

How to maintain and clean the vacuum?

Daily Maintenance

Dust Container Cleaner

1. To release dirt from the container, push the button at the bottom to open the cover.

2. To remove clogged dirt, remove the container from the machine by pressing on the button with lock logo. The container will be detached from the machine.

3. Attach the container back to the machine and close the bottom cover before use. There should be a click sound when the container is securely attached.

NOTE: For hygiene purpose, always practice cleaning the dust container regularly. Rinse or wipe the inner wall of the dust container with a wet cloth and dry it completely before installing back to the machine.


Cleaning the dust filter

Caution: Dirty filters or clogged containers will result in poor efficiency of the suction power. Always clean the filters and containers regularly. Never use the machine without filters.

Reminder: Please put the cleaner on a stable surface before you clean the filter. Remove the dust container from the product by pressing the button inward and pull the dust container away from the cleaner. Do not drop the machine.


1. To remove the filter for cleaning:

- Turn the cover of the dust container anti-clockwise.

- Lift the filter set out of the container.

- Turn and lift the top portion of the filter holder to separate the filter cone from the cone housing.

- Lift the ring to detach the cotton filter with tray from the filter cone.

- Remove the foam filter (Black) from the cotton filter with tray.

2. There will be 4 separate parts to the filter (Filter cone housing, filter cone, foam filter and cotton filter with tray). To clean, rinse with tap water. Do not scrub or wring the filters.

3. Make sure filters are completely dried before installing back to the container.


Cotton Filter Cleaning

1. Remove the top cover of the container before taking the cotton filter and foam filter out for cleaning.

2. Cotton filter and foam filter can be washed. Do not scrub or wring. Only install the filters back into the container when it is dried completely.

3. Lock the 2-tier filter cone housing with the foam filter and the cotton filter with tray first before securing it back to the container.

Note: Please wash the filter with tap water. Do not use any washing agents. Rinse gently to prevent abrasion.


Brush Cleaning

It is recommended to clean the debris left on the brushes after every use for the most effective experience.

1. Shut off the power.

2. Remove the brush.

3. Clear the dust and all kinds of hairs on the brush.

4. Install the brush back to the main body.


How to use the Product?

Product Usage Instruction

Installation of accessories

1. Push the connecting part of the accessories into the suction socket of the main body. There will be a click sound once the accessory is securely attached.

2. If you wish to remove the accessory, press the Suction Socket Snap Joint with one hand and hold the accessory with the other hand and pull it out to detach.


Install Flexible Brush

1. Put the round side of the flexible brush into the vacuum tube. There will be a click sound once the accessory is securely attached.

2. If you want to remove the Flexible Brush, press the Suction Socket Snap Joint with one hand and hold the Flexible Brush with the other hand and pull it out to detach.


Install Articulated Joint

1. Push the case upwards to unlock the articulated joint to allow the tube to bend for vacuuming lower-lying areas.

2. Straighten the tubes till you hear a click sound, to lock the articulated joint back to the original position.


Crevice Tool & Brush

The brush can be pushed by sliding down, it is suitable for cleaning narrow gaps, irregular surfaces in the room, like wall corners, appliances gaps, drawer, frame and keyboard etc.


Operating Instruction

1. Preparation: Please check the power wire has been connected well before use.

2. Start the Machine: Press the on/off button to activate or deactivate the machine.


Dust Container and filter

Please dispose of the dirt collected in the container and clean the filter after every use to prolong the lifespan of your Hurricane Cyclone Vac.


What to take note of on the first usage?

Prior to first time usage:

- This vacuum cleaner is intended for household use only

- Always keep out of reach of children

- Always unplug the Hurricane Cyclone Vac immediately after use and before cleaning.

- Do not attach or remove attachments, including the hose, while Hurricane Cyclone Vac is plugged in.

- Do not leave Hurricane Cyclone Vac unattended when plugged in.

- Do not Unplug before switching the vacuum off.

- Do not use any attachments not specifically designed for use with Hurricane Cyclone Vac.

- Do not use the vacuum on objects that are hot, flammable or creating smoke.

- Do not use on liquids.

- Do not attempt to repair Hurricane Cyclone Vac by yourself.

- Do not pull at the power cord or use the power cord to carry or move Hurricane Cyclone Vac.

- Do not handle the plug or Hurricane Cyclone Vac if your hands are wet.

- Keep the power cord away from heated surfaces, such as radiators.

- Make sure all openings are always clear before use and clear away any dust, lint, hair or anything that could obstruct the airflow.

- Keep hair, loose clothing, and all parts of the body or face away from the end of the hose, the openings and the vents during use.

- If the power cord of Hurricane Cyclone Vac becomes damaged, discontinue use immediately.

- Make sure all the filters are fixed in place before use.

- Never use the appliance to vacuum hot ashes, broken glass, sharp objects or liquids.

- To protect against fire, electric shock and personal injury do not immerse wire, plug or cleaner in water or other liquid.


Is it very heavy to hold?

The Vacuum weight is 1kg, when added accessories, the weight can go up to 2.2kg


Can we buy an extra filter?

No, there is no extra filter available for purchase.


What does the 1-year warranty cover?

The 1-year warranty covers everything except wear and tear and misuse of the product.




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