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Master Gym - Frequently Asked Questions

If I want it assembled, how should I go about it?

If you want it assembled, please contact our call centre at +65 6742 2007. There will be an additional $20 assembling fee and an additional 10 working days on top of your estimated date of delivery.

How to assemble Master Gym?

Please click Installation Video - WATCH HERE 

Is there a minimum age to use Master Gym?

The device is not intended for children. Do not use it if you are under the age of 21 years old. 

What is the maximum weight limit?

The maximum weight limit is 120kg.

Can people with heart diseases or people who are not allowed to perform physical activities use Master Gym?

Please consult your doctor before making the purchase. As health conditions vary from individuals to individuals.

Can people with injuries or recovering from surgery use Master Gym?

Please consult your doctor before making the purchase. As health conditions vary from individuals to individuals.

Can Master Gym be used for therapy purposes?

No, as it is not intended for therapeutic purposes.


After each training session, please clean and remove drops of sweat on Master Gym. Use soap and water only. No harsh cleansers.


Store it indoors away from water and humidity.

What can I do with Master Gym?

You can train your arms, lower part of the body or even a combination of both.

What kind of exercise can I do with Master Gym?

You may place your feet on the pedal and softly slide your feet back and forth / sideways alternately. Using the handlebar with the pedals simultaneously also helps to develop better limb coordination. You can also exercise using the rubber bands. By stretching and pulling them towards you, it can help to strengthen your arms, chest, abdomen and back. For more details, do refer to the manual given. 

Is there a manual or exercise guide?

Yes, both the manual and exercise guide are incorporated into a booklet for your reference.


On JML's website, there was a price of $65 to be paid for warranty. What does it mean?

The price of $65 is for 2 years of extended warranty and it is optional.



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