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Mayer Set Meal Mini Cooker - Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the Mini Cooker Set?

 It includes a heating base, a pot, a lid, a rice measuring cup and a user manual.

What are the functions?

 It has 4 functions - Set Meal, Hot Pot, Reheat, Keep Warm


What function to use?

For cooking rice, you may use the Set Meal function. For stir frying, use the Set Meal function as well. As for soups, you may use the Hot Pot function.

Is it possible to cook soup in one section while I stir-fry in another section? 

You may use the Set Meal function in this case. Add your soup ingredients on one side of the pot with water, and add some oil into the other side of the pot. Turn on the Set Meal function and choose your desired cooking time. Once the pot has been heated up and the oil is hot, you can add your stir frying ingredients on the other side. Please make sure to use the glass lid to cover the soup side while you stir fry on the other side. 

Can I cook only one side of the pot and leave the other side empty?

It is not recommended to leave the pot empty as this will dry burn and may lead to damaging of the appliance. The purpose of this Mini Cooker is to be able to cook a meal hence two sides of the pot are provided – one side for the main dish and the other side for the side dish. If you only want to use one side of the pot, it is recommended to add some water on the empty side of the pot to prevent dry burn damage. If one section of the pot is left dried, then the auto cut-off function will be triggered.

Any recommendation or suggestions on how long I can cook my food for?

There is no specific recommendation, as cooking time will vary, depending on the size, thickness and amount or type of food you are cooking. Generally when cooking white rice it takes about 0.5h. It is recommended for you to experiment and try out different timings and amount of water (if required) to achieve the perfect texture of your preferred taste. Different types of rice grain will also affect the amount of water and time required to cook the rice. 


What if the dishes that I’m cooking simultaneously have different cooking time?

You can cook both dishes together first. Once the first dish is fully cooked, you may scoop it out first, then add some water into the empty pot so that the other dish can still continue to cook. 

What type of food can I cook inside?

You may cook rice, soup, stir fries, hot pots - mostly similar to what you can cook in your regular cooking pots / pans.

Can I use it to deep fry food?

The Mini Cooker does not have sufficient depth for deep frying.

Can I cook oatmeal in it?

This product does not support cooking oatmeal / porridge. 

Can I cook baby food?

This cooker may not have the ability to cook up baby food, but it may work if you heat it up for a prolonged duration for the baby food to become sufficiently soft. 

Can I use it to bake?

This cooker does not bake, unless it's for simple melting of cheeses/chocolates.  

Can I do stir frying?

Yes, you may use the Set Meal function to cook rice on one side, and do stir frying on the other side. Alternatively, if you want to stir fry two dishes, you can use the Hot Pot function and control the heating level according to your preference.

Can I make fondues with this?

Yes you may, under the “Hot Pot” function. 

Can I cook Porridge using the Mini Cooker?

This appliance is only suitable for cooking rice or noodles, not porridge. More information can be found in the User Manual.

Why I cannot cook Porridge using the Mini Cooker?

It is not advisable to as there is a high chance that in the process of cooking, the porridge will overflow.

Can I not use oil while cooking?

Although you may cook oil-free dishes, it is recommended to add a small amount of oil while cooking. It also depends on the dish you are cooking. If you are doing stir-fried recipes, you will need some oil or butter. If it’s other food, at least a minimal amount of water or sauce is required to cook the food.

Can I do steaming?

Although it is feasible, it is not recommended as the small section of the pot makes steaming difficult. However, if you wish to proceed, please do so with caution, but we will not be accountable for any issues with this. 


Cooking Rice

How many cups of rice can I cook?

You may choose to cook 0.5 or a maximum of 1 cup of rice for one side of the pot.

What is the proportion of rice and water and how to cook rice?

The ratio of rice: water is 1:1. For more details, please refer to the instructions manual.


Material of the pot?

The material of the pot is aluminium, with non-stick Teflon coating.

Material of the handle?

The handle is made using bakelite material.

Is there a rubber seal on the glass lid?

There is no rubber seal on the glass lid. 

Will the glass lid break easily?

Glass is fragile so do handle the lid with care. Please note to let the glass lid cool down first before you proceed to wash, to prevent any accidents or damage. 



What is the capacity?

It has a capacity of 1.2L

What is the capacity of each side of the pot?

It has a capacity of 0.6L for each side.

How many people can this cook for?

This varies depending on individual food consumption, but generally about 1 – 2 pax.

Can this feed 3 or more people?

This mini cooker typically cooks for 1-2 people. But if you wish to cook rice alone on both sides of the pot, 1 cup of rice per side can feed 2 people, so in total it can even cook a 4-person portion of rice!

Are both sections of the same size?

Both sections are of the same size, with each section’s capacity being 0.6 litres and the total capacity being 1.2 litres


What is the weight?

The net weight is 1.9kg while the gross weight is 2.1kg


What is the dimension of the Mini Cooker?

The dimensions are as follows: 25.6cm (L) x 18.3cm (W) x 15cm (H).


Is it non-stick?

Yes, the pot is non-stick

What is the material of the pot?

It is made out of non-stick Teflon coating.

Is the non-stick material PTFE/PFOA free?

The Mini Cooker is certified to be PFOA free and it is safe for usage. 

Can I use metal utensils while cooking?

It is not recommended to use metal utensils as it will affect the quality of the non-stick.

Temperature, Time & Heat Settings

What is the temperature of the standard temperature setting?

For Reheat function - about 75°C

For all other functions - about 100°C

Can I adjust/change the temperature?

The temperature cannot be adjusted as there is only one standard fixed temperature setting for all the functions except for ‘Hot Pot’. The hotpot function has 2 temperature options. 

Can I adjust/change the timing?

Only the Set Meal and Keep Warm function has an adjustable time range - 0.5 to 1 hour for Set Meal and 0.1 to 4 hours for the Keep Warm function. The Hot Pot and Reheat functions do not have adjustable time ranges. 

How long does it take to heat up?

This would depend on your chosen function and what you’re cooking, but typically it only takes a few minutes for it to heat up.

When I switch it on, does it only heat up one section or both sections?

It will heat up both sections equally. The base does not have a selective heating area function.

How long does it take for water to boil?

It takes around 5 to 10 minutes

Is it alright if I directly touch the heating base when the switch is on?

Please avoid direct contact with the heating base as it will be hot and it may cause accidents.

General Questions

Where is it made in?

The Mini Cooker is made in China

Is there only one lid? Or one lid for each section?

There is only one lid for the Set Meal Cooker.

Will water overflow when I’m cooking?

If you match the water level marked in the pot with what you are cooking, then it will not overflow. When cooking Hot Pot, fill it up to the ‘Highest’ water level including the ingredients. For rice, please fill it up to 0.5cup or 1 cup as seen on the pot according to the cup of rice you are making.

Why does it mean when the LED light is blinking?

The LED light blinks after you have pressed the knob to select a certain function. After adjusting the timing / temperature, press the knob one more time to confirm and the LED will stop blinking, meaning that the cooking will start. 

What is the electricity consumption?

It takes up to 550 to 556W when powered on.

Is it cordless?

The heating base is corded. You have the option of leaving or removing the pot on the heating base once your food has been cooked.

Is it big enough to use a ladle/spatula when cooking with this mini cooker?

A regular ladle/turner/spatula may be too bulky to use to cook.We would recommend using chopsticks / smaller utensils like spoons. Do note to also avoid using metal materials or abrasive items as it might damage the cooking surface. 

How to use the appliance?

Turn the knob to select your function, then press the knob to confirm and select your cooking

time. For more details, please refer to the instructions manual.

Do you have it in another colour?

The Mini Cooker Cooker is only available in this colour at the moment.

Can I replace the pot with my own pot?

You cannot replace it with your own pot. The heating base is designed for the given pot only. Usage of other pots on the heating base will damage the appliance. 

Can I cook directly / use other pots on the heating base?

Please refrain from cooking directly on the pot, or using other pots on top of it as this will damage the appliance. The heating base is only compatible with the given cooking pot.

Can I replace the pot with aluminium foil for BBQ?

You should not replace it directly as the Set Meal cooker heating base is designed specifically for the pot only. Placing other materials on the heating base will only damage the appliance.

Can I purchase an additional pot?

Yes you may purchase additional pot. Purchase of spare parts and accessories can be made directly at Mayer’s Service Centre itself. Online purchase is not available. Please be advised to call the Service Centre before heading down, to double check that stocks are available. You can reach them at 65428383.

Here’s the address to our Service Centre: 71 Ubi Crescent, #06-02, Excalibur Centre, Singapore 408571. 

Operating hours are Monday to Friday, 10am - 4.30pm (excluding weekends and public holidays). 

Set Meal Function

What is the cooking time range for Set Meal?

The cooking time range is 0.5 – 1 hour.

What happens after the food is cooked?

After the cooking time is up, the appliance will automatically go into the “Keep Warm” function. 

What can I use to cook for Set Meal?

You may use the Set Meal function to cook: a rice and a side dish / rice and a soup / a dish and a soup / two dishes / two soups. It is flexible and up to personal choice. Please make sure that there is sufficient gravy while stir-frying, otherwise the auto-cut off function may trigger. 


Hot Pot Function

Is there a cooking duration for Hot Pot?

Maximum is 2 hours, and the appliance will turn off by itself after that.

What is the Hot Pot heating level?

You may choose between two heating levels – 1 and 2

When making Hot Pot, how much water should I add?

Please add water to the scale that indicates the maximum line. This water level is inclusive of the hot pot ingredients. When the soup becomes lesser, please add more soup stock or water into the hot pot, to prevent the soup from drying up and leading to auto cut-off while cooking halfway. 

Keep Warm Function

Is there an automatic keep warm function? 

The automatic keep warm function is only for Set Meal and Reheat Function. Once either function has completed cooking, it will automatically go into keep warm. The default Keep Warm duration is 4 hours. Except for the above two functions, keep warm will have to be manually set by yourself. 

What is the Keep Warm time range?

The Keep Warm time range is 0.1 – 4 hours.

Reheat Function

Is there a cooking time for Reheat?

The reheat time will be auto determined by the appliance itself, it will detect once food is well-heated up, with no more than 25 minutes. Alternatively, if you think the food is well heated up before time is up, you can press the cancel button to stop the reheat as well. Once the reheating is completed, it will automatically go to keep warm. 

How should I go about reheating my food?

Place your cold food into the pot and spread it out evenly. Then, add an appropriate amount of boiled water into the pot.

What can I reheat?

Reheat can be done for a variety of food: 

For example: 

1. Reheat of frozen cooked foods such as frozen pancakes, noodles, rice, meat 

2. Reheat rice (add a bit of water to "loosen" rice - especially overnight rice which tends to stick together and harden)

3. Reheat gravy type of dishes (eg braised dishes or curry) 

4. Reheat soups 

5. Reheat noodles (both soup or dry works) 

6. Reheat sauces 


What is preset time?

The preset time can only be used for Set Meal function. It works as a countdown for your food to be cooked.

How to use preset time?

For example: Currently it is 2.30pm and you are about to go out until 7.30pm, and you want to cook a set meal for 30 mins and you want it ready just in time when you arrive home at 7.30pm. So you can Preset and turn to 5 hours, and then set the cooking time to 30 mins (0.5 on the appliance), then your food will be ready at 7.30pm. For more step by step instructions on how to use this, please refer to the Instructions Manual.

Which function can I use preset time for?

You can only use the preset time for the Set Meal function.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Is this mini cooker easy to clean?

Yes, cleaning is super easy as the pot has non-stick properties! You may wash the cooking pot and glass lid with a gentle sponge and some detergent, but take note not to wash the heating base. If you wish to clean it, ensure to remove it from the power plug, use a damp cloth to wipe it down, then dry thoroughly before usage.

Can you wash this Mini Cooker?

You may wash the cooking pot and glass lid with a gentle sponge and some detergent. Do take note not to wash the heating base.

How to go about washing the Mini Cooker?

Please ensure the power plug has been removed and all parts have cooled before cleaning with a wet towel. DO NOT use an abrasive metal sponge, corrosive liquids or immerse the power plug and heating base in water while cleaning. 

How to clean the heating base?

Use a damp, soft cloth to wipe clean the exterior of the body. You can also wipe the

heating plate once it has been cooled down.

How to wash the cooking pot and glass lid?

For easier removal of any oil or food stains, soak the cooking pot with detergent and warm water first. After that, use a soft gentle sponge and rub the cooking pot. For the glass lid, please ensure the glass lid has been cooled down before you wash it, especially under cold water so as to prevent breaking or damage. For more details, please refer to the Instructions Manual.

Is the pot dishwasher safe?

Yes, it is dishwasher safe



Why are there scratches on the cooking pot?

This may be due to not gently washing or it could be scratches caused by sharp metal / abrasive items while cooking or scrubbing to wash. Therefore, please handle the appliance with care and be as gentle as possible. Avoid any metal or abrasive sharp items from coming in contact with the cooking pot, be it for cooking or washing.

Is the Mini Cooker 

This cooker is not scratch resistant, and it is not advisable to use metal spatulas on this as it may scratch off the non-stick surface. 


Fault Phenomenon

Fault Reason

Elimination Method


The power cord plug is not plugged in properly

Check that the power cord plug is properly plugged in

Product failure

Please contact our customer service at +65 6742 1771

The screen displays E1

Sensor failure

Please contact our customer service at +65 6742 1771

The screen displays E2

Dry burning

When the product has cooled down naturally, it will automatically restore itself.

Product failure

Please contact our customer service at +65 6742 1771


Why did my Set Meal Mini Cooker suddenly go to zero while on the Hot Pot function?

This occurs as a result of one side of the pot being empty. To solve such an issue, please ensure that even while you are using one section of the pot, take note not to leave the other section dry, and ensure there is some sort of water/sauce/liquid/oil element. If you only need to cook with one side of the pot, please add some water on the other side of the pot. 



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