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JML Aqua Jet Duo Mop


Dual-sided microfibre mop with built-inspray bottle

Aqua Jet Duo Mop is the perfect multi-surface household mop for all your wet and dry cleaning. With a spray bottle built-in that holds up to 350ml of clean water, you simply spray as you mop! This way you’ve always got just the right amount of clean, fresh water directly in front of the mop head where you need it most. 

With a dual-sided microfibre mop head that you can instantly flip over for extra cleaning power, you can mop the wettest floors and even dust and clean dry surfaces too. 


Chenille and terry weave microfibre

The two sides of Aqua Jet Duo Mop’s microfibre mop head are incredible cleaning surfaces in two very different ways: 

Terry weave microfibre is a dense, super-absorbent material that can absorb and hold up to SEVEN TIMES its weight in water, so it’s perfect for even the heaviest mopping tasks on hard floors like tiles, laminates, wood and even stone floors. 

Chenille weave microfibre, with its longer thicker fibres, creates a static charge, attracting dust as it moves across floors, shelves, door frames and windowsills, trapping not only the visible dust but also the invisible bacteria and even allergens. 


Sprays clean water directly in front of the mop

The clever part of Aqua Jet Duo Mop is the built-in spray bottle and trigger. Holding up to 350ml of clean water they remove the need to drag a heavy, messy mop bucket filled with increasingly dirty water around with you. With a spray that you control with the handle-mounted trigger, you can put fresh clean water, in just the right quantity, directly on the floor in front of your mop head. This way you never have water puddling and potentially warping laminate or wooden floors, your floors dry more quickly, and you never have to clean your home with dirty water from a bucket!




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