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Bike Nook


Do you have bicycles at home that are too bulky and troublesome to store? Does it take up too much space and cause more clutter in your house? Thankfully, there’s Bike Nook. It is a brilliant invention which allows you to save about 1 metre of space per bicycle.


It is easy to assemble, allowing you to use it as soon as possible. It is also adjustable in height, making it compatible with any bicycle no matter the size of the bicycle itself or the wheels. It helps to save space instantly by taking up the least amount of space possible and also eliminates the danger of a poorly stored bicycle falling and hurting someone, especially in a house with pets or children running around. 


How to use

Roll the back wheel of the bicycle into the bike hook ramp before rolling the bicycle backwards until its standing in a handstand position and secured on the vertical brace.


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