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Biting Mouthwash - Kamigaki


Did you know?


▪It is better for people to brush teeth 3 times everyday. In Japan, 64% of people want to tooth brushing on 3 times a day, But only 37.3% people who brushing teeth.


2)Don’t want to put wet things in bag 
3)Don’t carry the toothbrush set to office.

★We have newly launched tablet-type oral care products - KAMIGAKI that can be used in two ways: mouthwash & toothpaste.


【How to use】 
You can brush your teeth anytime!

Step1▶ Chew one tablet   

Step2▶ Bubble in 10 seconds


As brushing teeth   ▶Brushing teeth and rinse with water

As Mouth wash   ▶Rinse your mouth with water


【Good ingredients】

Contains 21 ingredients that are effective for oral care

<Whitening care>

Cleaning agent:Sodium polyphosphate, Hydrous silica

Coating agent:Sodium metaphosphate

Foaming agent:Citric acid, Baking soda, Sodium hydrogen carbonate

They fire with citric acid plus baking soda.

<Breath Care>

Freshener:Peppermint oil, Menthol.

Flavoring:Mint flavoring          

Flavor:Forest mint

<Other Good Ingredients>

Persimmon tannins: Polyphenols derived from persimmon tannin

Lactoferrin & lactoperoxidase: Protein derived from milk

Sodium polyglutamate: Natto ingredients

Crispatas bacteria (Lactic acid bacteria): Baby-derived lactic acid bacteria

Mastic resin oil: Derived from mastiha from hyos island, Greece



★Really convenient and we actually can use it any time anywhere!

<After Lunch>


<Travel Time>
<At Office>
<Before service>
Let's start right now for a better oral health for your whole life!



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