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CANDO Can Opener

What's in the box

Price: $24.90 SGD


✓ Rotary-gear engineering for effortless use

✓ No more squeezing and gripping!

✓ Built-in magnet holds messy lids

✓ Unscrew caps and prize open tins

✓ Opens food cans, paint tins, plastic bottles and jars

✓ Integrated blade for cutting bags

✓ There's even a fruit peeling blade!

With Cando Can Opener you can effortlessly open cans, tins, jars, bottles and even peel fruit, thanks to rotary-engineering and a very clever design. If you struggle with opening things, then this is the ideal solution for you and your kitchen.

Anyone who relies on tinned food knows how important a good can opener is. But these days, the need to open all kinds of containers means we spend ages sorting through a drawer of grips, blades, levers, openers and gadgets to find the one that suits whatever we need to open. How many times have you reached for an opener and found it just doesn’t have the thing you need? How many spoons have been bent trying to prise open a paint tin? How many teeth marks have been gouged into the plastic bottle caps by desperate, thirsty people trying to unscrew them? We’re always looking for ‘that thing’ that will do the job quickly and easily. Well here it is! The Cando Can Opener

Manufactured with a specially-engineered ‘rotary’ gear system, Cando Can Opener takes the struggle out of opening cans. No more gripping old can openers with all your might, while trying to turn a steel paddle to force a blade through a metal can. It can be hard work and painful on the fingers. Plus, if you suffer from a lack of dexterity, or weakness in the hands, it can be impossible! Cando Can Opener makes it so easy, so simple and, thanks to the magnetic head that lifts the lid clean away, even less messy.

But that’s not all, we’ve only just started!

Cando Can Opener has eight different, essential ways to open anything from plastic bags to jam jars! Think of the convenience of knowing that, whatever you want to open: paint tins, jam jars, food cans, glass bottles with metal caps, plastic bottles with screw-on tops, even fiddly ring-pulls (on so many food cans as well as drinks these days), Cando Can Opener opens them all! PLUS, there’s even a fruit peeler and a blade to cut open plastic bags.

So, take the effort out of opening anything, when you need something opened just reach for your Cando Can Opener - you’ll be amazed what it Cando!


Delivery Date

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

+2 working day (excluding weekends) for order/delivery day that falls in the week of a public holiday.

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