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Clean pen, One of the best stain remover on earth with strong stain removal power. Clean stubborn stains & ingrained dirt on any clothes, yellowish stains on collars and sleeves, accidental coloured water spills, stains that you didn’t know existed, spilled inks or even Cotton gloves with stubborn engine oil stain - Just rub it with clean pen! Made of concentrated power of o2 nano bubbles which break down stubborn dirt and oils when in contact with water. Use it like a pen or break it up into its 7 layers, mix it with warm water and spray on the affected part, or even add the mixture into your laundry and wash it! Clean pen works well on any fabric materials but it will work with non-fabric materials like sofa, carpets, beds or even shoes. No more strong detergent like bleach, just use clean pen!


Component: Oxy series bleach(carbonite) over 90%, salt 1%, TAED,

Disinfectant Pack: 7 blocks of clean pen in a stick, clean open plastic holder casing

Weight: 37g per stick Made in Korea

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