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This amazing value offer gives you all three sizes of our brand new Copper Stone Pans, PLUS a glass steaming and stewing lid for one incredible price.
In a world with so many non-stick pans on offer, you need to know when you’ve got the best. Our award-winning Copper Stone Pans have been at the top of that list since we introduced them but now, with Copper Stone Pans, our best just got even better.
Your pans are a big feature in your kitchen, especially if they’re on display, hanging from pan hooks or on shelves. You want your pans to enhance the look of your kitchen, and nothing beats the look of copper to stake your claim as someone who knows their cookware. Of course, you could buy expensive full copper pans but then you lose out on the non-stick, ceramic surface and durability.
We’ve taken our bestselling Regis Stone Pans range and made enhancements to every aspect of their design. The result? Copper Stone Pans. Using cutting-edge non-stick technology, we’ve created a pan with unparalleled heat distribution with class leading levels of durability and scratch-resistance.
This great value set includes the 20cm pan, for quick cooking when you don’t need a lot of space. Great for breakfast omelettes, eggs, individual portions of bacon, sausage or browning a chicken fillet.
The 24cm pan gives you that same, quick cook option but for larger items, or cooking for two.
The 28cm pan is great for family fry-ups, pizzas, multiple burgers, sizzling steaks or large omelettes, tarts and pan-fried potatoes.
 The 28cm glass steaming and stewing lid does exactly what its name implies. Fitted to the 28cm pan, you can steam rice, simmer stews or sauté potatoes and, with a handy steam release valve, you know it’ll keep your food moist but never build up too much pressure. 
 We already know that cooking without the need to add any fat or oil makes meals healthier and cleaning-up quicker, but Copper Stone Pans heat up faster too, stay hotter for longer and cook more evenly, giving you the perfect non-stick experience on any kind of hob.
Plus, the super-hardwearing construction formed from an extremely tough, scratch-resistant coating combined with a forged aluminium body and steel base, means these pans are built to last, and are ready to make your cooking easier time, after time.
And, of course, best of all is that beautiful copper toning and finish, as well as a hand sculpted wood-styled Bakelite handle, that gives Copper Stone Pansa professional, high-quality look that will wow family, friends and guests.
Copper Stone Pans give you the strength of stoneware, the unbeatable non-stick of ceramic and the beauty of copper for the perfect pan.
When you buy your Copper Stone Pans’, you’ll also get the Copper Stone Pan Recipe book. Packed with great meals that make the most of your Copper Stone Pans’ incredible versatility. The recipe book will be mailed separately.

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