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Dr Forest Ginseng Mouthwash


Has it ever occurred to you that your breath is causing distress to people nearby? Do you really think brushing your teeth and gargling with any mouthwash is sufficient? You might be terribly wrong. A new concept of oral hygiene etiquette mouthwash made with Korea technology by Dr Forest Ginseng Mouthwash is a game changer!

Dr Forest Ginseng Mouthwash is an effective, natural and safe way to prevent tooth decay. The secret is in the Ginseng Flower Extract, it's a natural herbal medicine and also known as the 'sacred grass flower'. Ginseng flower contains 20 kinds of saponin active substances, 17 kinds of amino acids, 11 kinds of microelements, 3 kinds of anticancer active selenium and protein. It is effective for preventing gum disease and deep nourishing teeth gingival.

Apart from that, it contains green tea, xylitol, propolis that terminates oral bad germs to make teeth healthier and stronger. Dr Forest Ginseng Mouthwash consisted with very beneficial parts maintaining a good oral and dental cleanness. Eliminating oral bad germs promotes blocking generation of bad ingredients in the mouth so it maintains healthy oral status at all times. Additionally, xylitol perfectly helps to complete oral freshness and promote salivation.  


Made in Korea


Ingredient: Ginseng Flower Extract, Red Ginseng Flower Extract, Ginseng Root Extract, Propolis, Licorice Extract, Green Tea, Gante Extract, Xylitol, Citric Acid

Key Ingredient:

- Ginseng Flower: Anti-oxidant effect, strengthens your teeth, prevent gum disease

- Gante Extract: Decompose Nicotine, brightens your teeth, remove yellowish on your teeth

Capacity: 500ml per bottle

Usage Capacity: 

- One cap per use, use more accordingly as required


- Use it any time of the day or after brushing your teeth

- Pour the mouthwash into the cap before pouring into your mouth 

- Gargle for at least 30 seconds

- Spit out the mouthwash, you will see chunks of dirt. (The oilier your meal is, the more chunks of dirt you will see)

- Rinse your mouth thereafter if you wish to. It is not compulsory.

How to Store:

- Store in room temperature place

- Keep out of reach for children below the age of 5.


- For external use only

- Avoid contact with eyes

- Cap the bottle back after use

- Guidance from dentist is recommended for sensitive teeth/gums





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