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Evercook Frying Pan Bundle


Want to get your hand on a durable, long-lasting non-stick pan? Then Evercook is your top choice. With more than 2,500,000 pieces sold in Japan, you can be assured of the Japanese brand Evercook pan’s quality. 


Evercook’s non-stick properties have anodized aluminium coating added to the textured surface of the aluminium which is then covered with an oxide layer. Hence it is highly resistant to heat and salt and no adhesive is being used. Thus you can be assured that your Evercook pan is suitable for long term usage. 


Additionally, it is resistant to abrasion. If you do accidentally scratch the surface of the pan, rest assured that the non-stick layer will not peel off. This is because Evercook has 3 unique methods to make the non-stick last longer - an anchoring effect, an anodizing thin layer and a spin flow coating method. With a scratch test of 500,000 times and non-stick fluorine coating, the pan is certainly durable.


The outer layer is also easy to clean if there happens to be a spill-over while cooking. The glass lid is clear, ensuring a clear view of the contents being cooked. Additionally, Evercook’s pan has a depth that no other pan has, allowing you to cook a larger portion at once, ensuring efficiency. With a pan that is not like any other in the market, what are you waiting for? Get your very own Evercook today!



Made in China


- Frying pan: Aluminium Alloy + Stainless Steel

- Handle: Phenol Resin

Non-Stick Coating: Fluroresin coating


- 28cm pan: 950g (about 1kg)

- 22cm pan: 580g (about 0.6kg)


- 28cm pan: 28cm (Diameter), 7cm (Depth) 

- 28cm lid: 28cm (Diameter)

- 22cm pan: 22cm (Diameter), 6cm (Depth)

- 22cm lid: 22cm (Diameter)



After cooking, please let the pan cool down before washing. While washing, use the type of scrubbers which are cotton scrubbers, sponge scrubbers, extra-fine types or net scrubbers for cleaning for a longer lasting pan



- DO NOT use with metal spatulas, due to the direct impact on the corner of the spatula onto the surface of the pan. It will result in deep damaged groove scars. Regular cooking with shelled seafood/food are acceptable (as per illustrated in the advertisement using stones)

- DO NOT use with high fire. The outer coating will be damaged due to the intense heat. Evercook is designed to be used for low/medium fire/induction/infra-red cooktop.



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