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Flexi Sponge 


Flexi Sponge offers several innovations to ease cleaning smooth or glass surfaces. The PVA sponge is highly absorbent and will not drip. Equipped with a flexible blade, it replaces your window squeegee.


Use and care: Moisten the sponge before use. To drain the water, just unclip the handle and fold the sponge. After use, rinse with clear water and let the sponge air dry. After cleaning, it is recommended to rinse the sponge to make sure that there are no residues on it. Avoid cleaning greasy substances. PVA is difficult to degrease.


Note: This sponge has the property of harden when it is very dry. During its delivery or its storage it dries and hardens. Please let it soak so that it finds its flexibility. The provided tray allows to store the sponge and to slow the drying process.


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