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Gain City AC Package


Turning on your air-conditioner every single day, leaving it and not cleaning it out for years. This is actually an extremely common occurrence. What you might not know is that all the built-up dirt and dust affects the condition of your air con and the air that you are breathing in may be contaminated as well! Too expensive to replace or clean? Fret not, as we have just the solution for you. 


Singapore's Largest Air-con retailer,Gain City has collaborated with JML so that you’ll get to enjoy their service at an extremely affordable and cost-effective promotional price. Gain City hires BCA-certified,skilled technicians to serve you everyday, and with a fleet of over 200 service vehicles in Singapore to service islandwide, you can be assured that satisfaction is guaranteed. You can also be assured that safety and temperature-taking measures are observed when servicing. 


Air quality will be greatly improved after a cleaning session, which means you can even save up on electricity that way. Your air-con’s life will also be prolonged, so you don’t have to waste money replacing it all the time. When your order is placed, the voucher will be sent to you, 

where you can then book appointments following the given instructions when you receive the vouchers. You may apply your purchased voucher any time within a year.



FREE GIFT for 4pcs voucher package:


Pack of 4 Quantum-Ion™ Patches


If you do purchase the 4 times voucher package, we even offer you a pack of 4 Quantum-Ion™ patches for FREE! Quantum-Ion™, the revolutionary air-purifying system, uses Quantum Nano-technology where negative ions are released by the air treatment system, which deactivates airborne bacteria, virus, mold and cigarette smoke in the filter’s indoor unit to ensure the fast cleaning of the air. They also neutralise odours, to provide a more pleasant and healthy environment.






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