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Gourmet Chef Instant Boiler is not like any conventional water boiler that repeatedly boils to keep your water hot but it’s an instant boiler that can deliver water at the temperature that you want in seconds by heating the water almost instantly!


The Gourmet Chef instant boiler allows you to obtain water at your desired temperature and capacity within 5 to 10 seconds. With the touch panel on the instant boiler, you can control your temperature at room temperature, 45°C, 55°C,65°C,75°C,85°C,and 100°C, capacity at 000 (flow continuously), 100ml, 200ml, and 300ml. Built in child-safe safety locking system requires you to unlock the panel by pressing and holding the lock button for 3 seconds and it will automatically activate the safety lock when it senses inactivity of 10 seconds. 


Gourmet Chef Instant Boiler comes with a 4L water tank capacity to save your effort from refilling water frequently. 


Gourmet Chef Instant Boiler also comes with a filter housing and a filter which helps reduce chlorine and organics up to 90% that further purifies the water for you and your family.



Cleaning and Maintenance

Upon reaching a cumulative usage of 10 water flow hours, the Gourmet Chef Instant Boiler smart display will show “CL” , which is a reminder for you that it’s time to do cleaning to prolong the lifetime of the machine. To clean the instant boiler, remove the filter and water filter holder first, fill the water tank to the max and add some vinegar to help descale. Once the water tank is full, dispense all the water at 100°C. The indication of “CL” will be removed once the button to dispense the water is activated. Repeat the cleaning twice. After completion, add clean water and let it run through once for at least a cup before you start to pour a cup for your own drinking. 


Product Specification

Made in China

Capacity: 4L

Power: 2200W - 2600W

Voltage: 220V

Product Dimension: 32.5 x 24.0 x 40cm

Weight: 4.50kg






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