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Gourmet Chef Intellipot

This multifunctional intellipot can do it all. It’s unique design conducts heat quickly for more efficient cooking and with an interior auto-lifting basket, it'll help lift your food whenever you want! Set the timer, and it will do it by itself! The Gourmet Chef Intellipot combines both timer and temperature adjustment settings. It goes up to an astounding 45 minutes and even has 5 different temperature options ranging from 80℃ to 180℃, offering a wide variety of options to cater to all your cooking needs! Gourmet Chef Intellipot not only steams, you can even fry, boil, stir-fry, and much more. You can even gather your family around and enjoy a steam boat meal with the Gourmet Chef Intellipot. No more digging around for your food stuff with just a touch of the button the auto lifting basket gets raised up and you can get your foodstuff much quicker! 

The maximum length of time you can set for cooking is 45 minutes. Once the cooking time is over, the Intellipot will make a beep sound and the lifting basket will rise. While cooking, the Intellipot will show the time remaining on the LED screen. If you do not set the timer, you may cook for longer than 45minutes. Please note due to its time-default security features, the Intellipot will shut down automatically after 120minutes. Timer function lets you set the timer and walk away and once the food is cooked based on the timer the Gourmet Chef Intellipot will shut off. 

The Gourmet Chef Intellipot comes with a 5L cooking capacity, you are able to cook larger portions of food, saving you precious time, effort and energy!


Made in China


Product Dimensions: 

Pan: 30*8.9cm/11.8''*3.5
Steamer: 28cm 

Capacity: 5 L

Voltage: 220~240V

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Power: 1500W  


Pan: Die-casting alu/ Steamer: SUS304

Non-stick marble coating inside + heat resistant lacquer outside.

Glass lid made of tempered glass



Cleaning and Maintenance:

For cleaning purposes, it is important to ensure that the Intellipot is unplugged from the power supply and has cooled down completely before starting. 

To clean the interior of the Intellipot, use a damp, soft cloth or sponge and dish soap to clean the interior; Do not use any harsh or abrasive cleansers to clean the item as you may damage the coating. 

To clean the exterior of the Intellipot, use a damp towel or sponge to wipe the outside surface and make sure to dry it completely with a clean, dry towel.

After each usage of the IntelliPot, please pour out all remaining contents. You may then wash and dry the item. You should not leave any remaining food inside of the pot after using. 

Please ensure the unit is completely dry before storing or using again.  


Lid Holder

The free Lid Holder is perfect for holding your lids, ladle, spatula, spoon & more. Perfect for keeping countertops and stove tops clean and tidy while cooking. Easy assembly and disassembly without tools. Easy to clean. High quality food grade material. 


Made in China

Material: Polypropylene
Dimensions (Before Assembly): 22x19x2.5cm
Dimensions (After Assembly): 22x19x15cm




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