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Standing in front of your multiple frying pans for multiple hours just stir frying? Frustrated by the number of things you need to wash? If you want something that does it all for you, our Rotating  Air Fryer does the job seamlessly with its 45° tilting angle! With such design, all your stir-frying needs will be satisfied and you will have lesser utensils to wash by the end of your cooking session. 


Even a cooking amateur can make great dishes using our Rotating Air Fryer as cooking can not be easier with it - simply place the ingredients inside, close the lid and turn the power on! Moreover, with a whooping capacity of 6 litres and timer of up to 60 minutes, you can make any kind of dish you want. Our Rotating Air Fryer includes a viewing window, designed for you to monitor the cooking process. A hands-free, hands-off cooking session is no longer something unattainable!


Another main feature of the Rotating Air Fryer is its non-stick property. You don’t have to worry about sticky, stubborn stains, making cleaning so much more simpler.


This Rotating Air Fryer is also super versatile with 6 different functions - Roast, Grill, Fry, Stir-fry, Bake (Pizza), Dehydrate. The unique function of Dehydration can revert stale chips to its original crispy, form and you can even dehydrate meats and fruits - so you can make your very own beef jerky and dried fruit snacks!


It is a given that your safety is our priority. Hence our Rotating Fryer has suction cups attached at the base for greater, safer cooking experience. 


Take a step towards a minimalistic kitchen with our Rotating Fryer today!



Made in China


- Outer Layer: Polypropylene

- Transparent Cover: Polycarbonates

- Non-stick material: Non-stick oil

Capacity: 6 litres

Power: 1200 - 1400W

Voltage: 220V - 240V, 50/60Hz 

Weight: 5.3kg

Power cord length: 97cm

Dimensions: 34.4cm (W) x 38cm (L) x 33.5cm (H)


Directions on usage: 

Press ‘Start’, select the desired function. After setting the temperature, press the ‘Temp/Time’ button to set the amount of time for cooking. Once that is completed, press ‘Start’ to officially start cooking. 


Prior to first time usage: 

Install the filter onto the Rotating Air Fryer unit.



After unplugging the unit from the power outlet, you may wash the inner pot, tong, baking pan, lower rack and filter with mild detergent added to clean water. The housing of the machine can be cleaned with a mildly damp cloth. Do not immerse the machine in water.


Wipe the unit’s base and metal near the heating element with damp cloth. DO NOT pour water as it contains a synchronous motor inside.


DO NOT use abrasive material when washing.



Total weight of the food should not exceed 2.5kg.




Filter, Baking Pan, Tongs


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