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GYM Toner Pro


Gym Toner Pro is an easy and simple method to tone your whole body and lose weight in the comfort of your own home. It performs a wide spectrum of muscle building and calorie burning exercise that’s convenient to do! It can help you shape your abs and achieve the perfect body you want. 


This convenient and effective device allows you to do up to 10 amazing body sculpting exercises such as: sit-ups, stomach crunches, press-ups, abdominal crunches, biceps training, leg raises. Oblique crunches, side crunches, thigh training and sit-ups crunches. There are multiple assembling options resulting in 3 different levels of resistance. Assemble both fitness arms inwards for the easy setting which is 16kg resistance, assemble 1 fitness arms outwards and 1 inwards for the medium setting of 20kg and lastly, assemble both fitness arms outwards for the hard setting of 26kg. 


It not only can help you tone and define major muscles and give you the ability to design custom workouts, but is also lightweight and easy to store or bring around. 



Extended Size: 46.4 x 45 x 41cm   



1. Outside: PU foam (4.5cm) ABS, Silicone

2. Inside: 50CrVa armament-grade special alloy spring (5.5cm)

3. Steel pipe (1.2cm)


Product configuration

1. Gym Toner Pro x1

2. Colour Box x1

3. Workout Chart x1

4. Instruction Manual x1

5. PE Bag x1    


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