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Introducing the H2O E3, the sanitizer, cleaner and deodorizer perfect for your you and your home! Believe it or not, it kills 99% of certain germs and bacteria, and lab reports prove this to be true for even H1N1 and e.coli! You can definitely be assured of a clean house and a healthy, protected family. 


To start using your very own H2O E3, you’ll need to make the S-Water solution. All you need is salt, water, a push of a button, and you’re good to go. This also means that you can make it in mere minutes, and that you’ll pretty much never run out of sanitiser and cleaner. It’s all natural and is non-toxic, so you can even use it to sanitise your cutting boards. Replace those harsh, chemical-loaded cleaners with H2O E3, and you’ll not only be getting a better, safer cleaning experience, but you’ll also be saving so much more money! 


Not only can you use it as a sanitizer, but you can use it as a cleaning agent as well. Use it on stains and grime and many more! It may even help to get rid of mold and mildew when you leave it in long term. It also breaks down and neutralizes odors in seconds, making it the perfect deodoriser - great for things like dustbins and your pet’s beds. 


The set also includes your very own Fruit and Veggie eSprayer! Rinsing your fruits and vegetables with purely just water may not be sufficient, as there may be hidden bacteria or chemicals sneakily still lingering on your food. Spray it to rid the bacteria and pesticide residue of your fruits and veggies. 


Not only that, but the set also includes 3 Travel Spray Bottles! Want to use your H2O e3 even when you’re out of the house? These spray bottles are super ideal if you want a portable, mini version of it. Simply just transfer the S-Water solution into the bottles, and use it as your on-the-go sanitiser and deodoriser whether you’re at the office, hotels, or restaurants. 



Made in China 

Material: Plastic


- H2O e3 eActivator (Green Bottle): 450ml

- Fruit and Veggie eSprayer (White Bottle): 450ml 

- Travel Spray Bottle: 100ml

Voltage: 100-240V~50/60Hz


Directions on usage: 

1. Fill the eActivator with water up to the 450ml mark. 

2. Add one spoon (3g) of table salt

3. Twist the Water Tank Cap on and shake until all the salt has dissolved. NEVER use the nozzle instead of the cap when the eActivator is turned on 

4. Plug in the adapter, then press the ON/OFF button. The light will turn red. Once the electrolysation process is completed the light will turn green. 

5. OPTIONAL: To create an even more effective antibacterial version of the S-Water solution after the electrolysis process is done, add one spoon of white vinegar to the eActivator and shake to mix it in.



- Do NOT drink the S-Water solution

- Do NOT use hot/boiling water to make the S-Water solution

- After spraying your fruits and vegetables with the eSprayer, rinse them thoroughly before consumption. 



Place approximately 50ml of white vinegar and 200ml of water into the eActivator, close the cap and shake the contents. Let the water/vinegar solution sit inside the eActivator for 20-30 minutes. For a more in depth guide, refer to the user manual or see the FAQ below.



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