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H2O Steam FX Pro


Introducing the all new H2O Steam FX Pro! - more effective, efficient, versatile and affordable than ever! H2O Steam FX Pro is the 5-in-1 Steam Cleaning System that easily converts from a powerful steam mop to a convenient hand-held steamer! 


Not only is it powerful, but it’s also extremely versatile. H2O Steam Fx Pro can tackle any surface and flooring from hardwood, laminate, linoleum, natural stone, tiles (porcelain & ceramic), vinyl, or otherwise - and even works on soft flooring such as carpets and rugs. It also has many different attachments suited for a wide variety of usages and jobs. Cleaning, Deodorizing, Safely Sanitizing, & Removing Stains and Spots from all upholsteries including bedding, chairs, couches, furniture, mattresses, pillows and more – and even for removing wrinkles from clothing!


The extra large tank provides 17 minutes of Continuous Steam, and the easy-to-use steam trigger also means you don’t need to hold a button down. H2O Steam Fx Pro is also lightweight, making it extremely convenient and effortless for you to carry around. 




Made in China

Material (Machine): Polypropylene

Tank Capacity: 320ml

Power: 1200W or 1300W 

Voltage: 120V 60Hz or 220-240V 50-60Hz

Weight: 2.93kg

Power cord length: 4m

Dimensions: 38cm (W) x 17cm (L) x 23cm (H)


Directions on usage:

1. Fill the water to the “MAX” fill indicator line on the water tank, and then secure the water tank cap in place. Place under the main unit and screw into position following the lock & unlock marking on the water tank.

2. Attach an accessory to the steam outlet, as indicated in the “Accessories usage” Section.

3. Plug the appliance into an electrical outlet. The red indicator light will turn ON.

4. Wait approximately 20-30 seconds. When the steamer is ready to emit steam, the green indicator light will turn ON. Press and hold the steam switch to emit steam.

5. Slowly pass over the surface to be cleaned.

6. To stop emitting steam, release the steam switch button. 

7. When the appliance stops emitting steam, it means that the water tank needs to be refilled. Release the steam switch button and unplug the appliance from the electrical outlet. Fill the water tank with water as described in step 1 and then follow steps 3-5 above.



Disconnect the unit from the power outlet during cleaning and maintenance.

Do not immerse the H2O Steam FX Pro handheld steamer in water.


For more details on cleaning please view the FAQ below.


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