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Hair Colour Restoring Conditioner

Want to get back your natural hair colour without actually dying it? Hair Colour Restoring Conditioner gives you a whole new experience without damaging your hair. It has no pungent smell, no strong harmful chemicals yet it instates the colour loss on your grey hair back to the colour it should be! Just apply and comb your hair, leave it on while you go out for work or after you shower and go to sleep everyday, to allow the recollection of your natural hair color. You will see the change in colour in just a span of 7-10 days! 


Hair Colour Restoring Conditioner is not hair dye, it is a pioneer in the application of hydrolyzed plant protein browning principle from UK Biotech authorized cooperation and innovative research and development technology formula specially designed for grey hair. Easy to use for any gender, no need to wash after application. Simply apply daily and leave it on and let the hair colour restoring conditioner change your hair colour to it’s natural shade. Meanwhile, it also strengthens the hair,enhances the luster of hair, moistures and nourishes the hair while restoring the youthful radiant look. 


Made of natural ingredients, Hair Colour Restoring Conditioner does not contain ammonia, PPD, peroxide, colorant and fragrance. Perfect for those who dislike chemical dyes or don’t fancy hair colour that is either too dark or doesn’t really cover grey hair! 



Product Specification

Made in Taiwan


Capacity: 75ml per unit

Weight: 170g

Dimension (Packaging): 11.9cm (Height) x 6.25cm (Length)


Key Ingredients:

- Extract of Fruit and Vegetable Enzymes expedite hair color transformation from grey to black naturally color.

- Extract of Shou Wu Root expedites enzymatic reactions and functions as hair conditioner.

- Extract of Glycyrrhiza Plant expedites enzymatic reactions possessing moisturizing and softening properties.

- Shea Butter restores the elasticity of hair, repairs and moistens the split end of the hair,  it is rich in Vitamin A, D, E, F.

- Gold Polypeptide Amino Acid strengthens the hair structure, enhances the luster of hair

- Plant Squalene restores the elasticity of hair and repairs the damaged hair. 


Directions on usage:

1. Apply adequate cream

- Use on dry hair or half dry after shampoo. Apply Hair Colour Restoring Conditioner on comb then comb through your hair. 

2. Do no need to rinse

- Apply gently from the root till the end of the grey hair area. The color transformation into black could be expedited by blowing the hair with a hair dryer. No rinsing is required.

3. Can be applied daily

- The color will darken gradually until it reaches your desired shades.



- Changes in hair shade starts within the first 3 days of use. You may experience hair shade becoming reddish, continue using it for the shade to darken.

- It will take 7-10days for the hair colour to reach its natural shade. You may wish to stop at any time within these days if you want your shade to be lighter than your original hair shade.



- Hair Colour Restoring Conditioner is a hair cream not hair dye. The duration, degree and appearance of hair color transformation differs based on each individual’s hair condition. The hair color transformation will be achieved upon an increased frequency of application. 

- Application can be reduced to once every 2-3 days after achieving the desired color if you wish to.



Avoid contact with nails during application to prevent browning of the nails. However, it can be easily washed off with hand wash or shower soap.


Please store at room temperature without direct exposure to sunlight.









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