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Hetch UV Vacuum

Can't sleep well every night? Feeling itchy but find nothing? Right! That's dust mites! Dust mites are microscopic bugs, they can’t be seen by our naked eyes and reproduce rapidly. Usually millions of dust mites can be found in old mattresses and it will become double the number throughout times because of dust mite infestations. Same happens to pillow and other soft furniture after a certain period of time usage. Dust mites are dangerous because of its waste droppings that contain a protein which many people are allergic to. It contributes to a lot of allergic reactions such as sneezing, itchiness, watery red eyes, and inflammation of infected eczema. More seriously, it will cause asthma attacks.


But now no worry, Hetch UV vacuum cleaner solves your problems! It can be reduced dust mites and bed bugs infestation and removed harmful airborne allergens up to 90% result. UV is a form of electromagnetic radiation. We can barely see it with our naked eyes, but if we expose this light to our skin, it can tan our skin. UV light is scientifically proven to be germicidal. UV works because many types of airborne bacteria and allergen particles are particularly sensitive to the wavelengths of light that UV offers. It’s a form of radiation, which causes critical damage to their DNA and stops them from spreading further. 


Hetch UV vacuum cleaner suitable to use on any surfaces and things, especially some of the things can’t not be washed such as sofa, mattress. With the 5000 tappings per minute vibration pad, it helps to beat up any potential dust mite and bed bug when they are clinging onto the fabric materials. It also helps to irritate those which are hiding deeper into the layers to move them up so that the vacuum can suck them away.


Not only that, it can be used as a handheld floor vacuum cleaner with adapter for the telescopic tube and the floor vacuum head. Easily glides over surfaces with 5m lengths of power cord. Also can be changed to other crevice tools to use for high areas. Besides, removing the telescopic tube can be used on any flat surfaces or narrow and small space area. But the most important of all, is the UV light attachment base to keep your living environment clean all the time.



UK Technology

Made in China



Machine Body: ABS

Tools: Polypropylene

Dust Capacity Container: 1.2L

Rated Power: 600W

Rated Voltage: 220-240V

Power Cord Length: 5m

Net Weight: 2.1kg

Gross Weight: 3.2kg

Product Dimensions: 300mm (Length) x 430mm (Width) x 190mm (Height)

Size of Package: 415mm (Length) x 215mm (Width) x 365mm (Height)



Please refer to the user manual for an in depth guide on cleaning and maintenance.




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