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Kinohimitsu Stem Gold Plus Set


Kinohimitsu Stem Gold Plus


Kinohimitsu Stem Gold Plus contains tons of ingredients to help improve and benefit your skin condition. Cell Young Snow Lotus and Orchid Stem Cells have a rejuvenating effect that fights wrinkles and helps to restore youthful appearance of skin. Stem Gold+ also has astaxanthin as an ingredient to repair and  protect your skin from free radical damage and signs of ageing caused by exposure to UV rays. Not only that, but it has collagen peptides that restores skin firmness and enhance skin elasticity. Rose Crysta Extracts also aid in moisturising your skin and giving it a fairer, healthier glow. Get Kinohimitsu’s Stem Gold Plus for a better, renewed experience with your skin!


Each sachet contains 6g of Kinohimitsu Stem Gold Plus, at 21kcal per sachet.  


Directions on Consumption:

To consume, simply mix 1 sachet of Stem Gold with 180ml of water and stir thoroughly before drinking. Alternatively, you may also mix it into your favourite drinks, juices or smoothies for consumption. For first-time users, it is recommended to take a sachet a day preferably before breakfast or bedtime. Take a sachet every two days subsequently for maintenance.  


Made in Taiwan 



Raspberry Powder, marine Collagen Peptides, Citric Acid, Cranberry Powder, Calcium Phosphate, Honey Powder, AstaREAL® Astaxanthin, Red Beet Powder, Stevia, Pine Bark Extract, Lycopene, Cell Young® Snow Lotus Stem Cell, Cell Young® Orchid Stem Cell, Rose Crysta® Rose Extract.


Key Ingredients:

- Cell Young Snow Lotus and Orchid Stem Cells have a rejuvenating effect. It is a potent antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties that help to fight wrinkles and restore beautiful, youthful appearance of skin. 

- Lycopene Tomato Extract, Astareal Astaxanthin, and Pine Bark Extract helps repair and  protect your skin from free radical damage and signs of ageing caused by exposure to UV rays. 

- Marine Collagen Peptides that restores skin firmness, replenishes and boosts natural collagen production to enhance skin elasticity and firmness. It also restores skin plumpness, bounciness and suppleness.

- Rose Crysta Rose Extracts and Beetroot have a brightening effect that moisturises your skin, giving you a fairer complexion and pinkish, healthy skin. 


How to Store: 

Stem Gold Plus can be stored at a cool, dry place or in the fridge.




FREE GIFT (of Bundle 1):

Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond x6 Bottles 

Get firm and moisture-plumped skin with Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond! It has a ton of Collagen Peptide to help restore youthfulness, resilience and radiance to mature skin, and even helps reduce signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and dryness.


Each bottle contains 50ml of Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond. 


Directions on Consumption:

1 bottle a day, preferably before breakfast or bedtime. Shake well before drinking. Keep chilled for a delicious taste. For first-time users, consume 1 bottle a day for a consecutive period of 6 days. For maintenance, consume 1 bottle every 2 days.


Made in Taiwan 



Collagen Peptide (Fish), Perilla Seed Extract, Silk Protein (Peptide), Soy isoflavone, Apple, Lemon and Lychee Condensed Juice 


Key Ingredients:

- Collagen Peptide (Fish) in small molecular form allows immediate absorption by the body to plump up the skin.

- Perilla Seed Extract - WSP , a U.S.-patented antioxidant (Patent No.: US6,217,875B1), helps to reduce cell inflammation and increase cell repair ability, thus enhancing the nutrient absorption ability of cells.

- Silk Protein (Peptide) is a powerful water-binding agent that aids in moisture retention. It has the ability to retain water 50 times of its own weight.

- Soy isoflavone stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, and reduces pigmentation.

- Apple, Lemon and Lychee Condensed Juice is rich in malic acid and vitamin C which are effective in skin lightening.


How to Store:

Keep chilled in a refrigerator. 




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