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Livington Prime Cordless Vacuum + Ultimo Plush Mat (FREE)


Livington Prime is a powerful high speed cordless vacuum that has a suction power of 100w. It has a HEPA filter and dual filtration system that ensures whatever is sucked in is unable to escape unless emptied out on purpose.


As it is cordless and lightweight (only 1.5kg!), it is extremely convenient to clean areas that are usually hard to reach such as the top of air conditioners and ceiling fans that accumulate a lot of dust. Its articulated joint also makes it easy to clean areas such as underneath the sofa and tables without needing to bend down. It is also able to clean the dirt on different types of surfaces including wood flooring, carpets and even car seats. Even small particles such as pepper and sand cannot escape the prowess of the Livington Prime. With its filtering system, even large amounts of fine powder will not spill out from the vacuum after being vacuumed up. 


Its docking station is compact, making it space-saving and easily portable. It has a high rechargeable capacity of 14.8V due to its 2150mah ion-lithium battery, allowing it to be used for 20 mins straight after charging! The primary filter and secondary filter are both removable, making it easy and fast to clean. The brush in the brush head can also be removed when necessary for cleaning.


Ultimo Plush Mat (FREE)

This Ultimo Plush Mat is made of microfibre material that is super soft to the touch and absorbent, thus it will easily absorb the moisture from your feet when you exit the bath or when you enter the house. It can absorb dirt, dust and even snow. Moreover it does not shed!


You don’t have to worry about changing the Ultimo Plush Mat as it dries up easily, leaving a fresh mat behind your trail. It also has a non-slip rubber bottom to prevent it from flipping over or moving around, thus ensuring your family and your safety. 


It is also practical while providing a luxurious experience. It is also machine washable too!


Dimension: 40cm x 60cm


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