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Low Carbo Cyu Cyu Lu


What is Low carbo?

Low-carbohydrate foods
Originally known as “Diet remedy”


Benefits of low carbo foods

1. Do not let raise blood glucose level so that prevent diabetes mellitus

2. Lose weight

3. Reduce neutral fat

4. Raise HDL cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein cholesterol) 

⇒Resolved “Metabolic syndrome”

【Nutrition Chart】




Dietary fiber








4.4 g

83 kcal

6900 mg

4000 mg


6.1 g

84 kcal

6300 mg

4000 mg

Kimuchi chige

6.0 g

96 kcal

6800 mg

4000 mg

Vegetable onion

7.4 g

88 kcal

8000 mg

4000 mg






Warabi mochi (Kinako)

0.7 g

25.9 kcal


1000 mg

Warabi mochi (Maccha)

1.2 g

20.0 kcal


1000 mg


0.8 g

26.4 kcal


1000 mg

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