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Mugen Food Processor with Free Cooler Bag


Mugen Food Processor is multi-function machine with amazing functions such as: Juicer, Vegetable Shredder, Vegetable Slicer, Meat Mincer, Noodle Maker and Sausage Stuffer. Why bother with excessive products which are merely a waste of space and money when Mugen is a single product that can meet all your requirements? 


With its cold-press technology, the Juicer for Mugen is not only able to extract as much juice possible from the fruits and vegetables but also allows you to use the leftovers for much less wasteful purposes such as fertiliser or vegetable pancakes. 


The Vegetable Shredder and Slicer is a much faster and convenient way to attain perfect slices and shreds of vegetables! It is even safe for children to use unlike dangerous knives and manual shredders. There is also no longer a need to worry about the irritable urge to cry when slicing onions! 


With the Meat Mincer, Sausage Stuffer and Noodle maker, you can make healthier dishes than those sold outside by controlling the amount of oil and unhealthy seasonings added. Dumplings are easy and fun to make with the use of the Meat Mincer and healthier noodles such as carrot or spinach noodles are also an option with the Noodle Maker. 


Furthermore, the versatile Mugen Food Processor is easy to assemble with just a few twists and also convenient to wash with the free stick brush provided!




Cooler Bag

With it, you can easily keep the items you want cold. It has never been so easy to keep your ice cream or drinks cool and refreshing!


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