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PORIRIN Miracle Toothbrush

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Price: $59.90 SGD


Poririn - Miracle Toothbrush -
Series Total 3.53millions pcs Sold in Japan
How do you usually choose toothbrush?
Do you choose toothbrush because of design, color or hard or soft?
Do you really think they are important when it comes to toothbrushing?
People brush teeth everday, but nearly all brush teeth wrongly.
Toothbrush is not to brush surface of your teeth, but brush all the gap for teeth.
Below is 3 key gaps for teeth
1. In between teeth
2. Along the gumline or below the gumline cervical margins
3. Deep gap
Poririn - Miracle Toothbrush - is good for;
1. People who are not confident for brushing teeth properly
2. People who have irregular teeth
3. Children
4. People wearing false teeth or artificial tooth
5. People wearing braces
6. People who have implant

Dental Clear Mouth Wash Sachet (11ml x 14ea) (Made in Korea)
Has it ever occurred to you that your breath is causing distress to people nearby?
The latest oral hygiene etiquette mouth wash, Dental Clear. The secret is in the propolis extract. It coagulates and removes the hidden protein minerals between the teeth which other mouth wash can’t, leaving your mouth clean and fresh after gargling. No more bad breath and plague causing germs! Get the confidence you always wanted with the tip top oral hygiene etiquette like never before. Having kids who hates brushing their teeth?
Made with natural ingredients: Natural green tea, lemon oil, propolis.
 Gargle at least 30s for best result
 Coagulates and removes hidden protein minerals 
 Freshens your breath
 Use it after every meal or after brushing teeth
Purpose : To keep your tooth white and healthy, Freshens breath, Prevent gingivitis and paradontitis, Prevent gingiva and periodontal disease.
Main Ingredients : Allantoin 200mg, Sodium Floride 20mg
Accessory Ingredients : Xylitol, Green Tea extract, Lemon Oil, Propolis extract.
8pcs  S$59.90 <31%OFF>
+ Dental Clear Travel pack 1box(11ml x 14sachet) (Worth S$9.90)

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Wednesday, 29 May 2019

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