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3-5 working days +2 working day (excluding weekends) for order/delivery day that falls in the week of a public holiday.

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Sankom Socks

Are your legs constantly suffering from muscle aches? Do you want to gain more benefits from your workouts? If that’s the case, then Sankom Socks is perfect for you!


Sankom Socks improve blood circulation and vein function and has active gradual step-by-step compression, hence reducing swelling and heaviness. It is also comfortable to wear for the whole day due to its skin-friendly, breathable and hypoallergenic material. There is no need to worry about tired and achy legs with Sankom Socks. Besides, it has an aesthetically pleasing design and is much more comfortable compared to other compression socks that may cause rashes and marks. 


It has great arch support and cushion suitable for daily activities and even intense workouts such as jogging. Its material is strong and rip resistant so it does not get damaged easily, allowing users to use it to its full use for a sustainable period of time! 


With the use of Sankom socks, many have agreed that it has helped relieve their problem of aching legs. No matter whether it is used by the old or young, it has certainly improved their lifestyle overall. If you want to achieve the same satisfying results, what are you waiting for? Get Sankom Socks now!



Made in China

Material: 63% nylon, 13.5% spandex (elasthane), 12% polyester and 11.5% cotton



Only hand wash, no wringing or twisting the socks.

Soak in water and squeeze the socks followed by rinsing it under running water or a pail of clean water till the soap is fully washed off. Squeeze the excess water out and hang it to dry, allowing the balanced water to drip off naturally. Do not dry under direct sunlight. Do not dry with a dryer machine or under intense heat.





- It is normal to experience the socks being very tight, as long as it is the correct size as per size chart. You may wish to remove and wear back again thereafter till you get used to it. (Do not buy a larger size as there will not be enough compression, which defeats the purpose of the compression socks)

- Wear from bottom tip up. (Turn the socks inside out then fit your toes to the tip of the socks before pulling up)

- Not recommended to wear to sleep

- Hand wash + Air dry only. Do not dry under direct sunlight

- L = Left foot, R = Right foot. Wear according to the correct sides indicated



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