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  • Shogun cookware set
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Delivery Date

Thursday, 20 Jun 2019 +2 working day (excluding weekends) for order/delivery day that falls in the week of a public holiday.

More Detail

Constructed with Ilag Granitec non-stick coating 

Ilag Granitec non-stick coating prevents scratches while retaining non-stick properties ,food is not sticking while preparing or serving and keeps all essential ingredients.

A complete cookware set 

A cookware set provides all you needed to create restaurant-quality dishes from your very own kitchen. From steaming stews to creamy sauces, the wok, casserole and pans will make cooking tasty food a breeze. Easy to clean with a non-stick coating, it prevents food from sticking onto surface, so you can simply wipe away any  residue . Cleaning become almost effortless simply wash the cookware with soap and water or put it in dishwasher.

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