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Steam Mate


Tired of constantly switching between a steam iron and regular handheld iron? Heavy, bulky irons that always leak? Irons that don’t seem to even out wrinkles and creases? Steam Mate is the solution to your common frustrations and serves as the only iron you’ll ever need!


From satin, wool, polyester, to even delicate fabrics, Steam Mate is suitable for any type of fabric or clothing! Extremely multi-purpose, you can enjoy the advantages of both a standard steam iron and a regular iron. Ironing is made easy with its freestyle steam function that allows ironing in any direction and position. Furthermore, its built-in water tank prevents water leakage even when one shakes!


Equipped with strong, fine, steam, not only can Steam Mate effectively iron your clothes, it can also be used to sanitise and eliminate bacteria on pillows, bed, curtains, toys as well. Two different attachments to cater to your different fabrics for easy and fuss-free ironing.



Made in China

Material: Polycarbonate, Polymer, Aluminium

Water Capacity: 100ml

Power: 800 – 1000 W

Voltage: 220V – 240V

Weight: 600g

Power cord length: 2.5m

Dimensions: 36.5cm (W) x 11cm (L) x 9cm (H)


Directions on usage:

Fill in water until it reaches the “MAX” line of the iron. Close the water tank cap tightly.  Turn the temperature knob to your desired setting according to the fabric you wish to steam iron on. The heating indicator should light up. The heating up should take about 1 minute. The indicator light will turn off when the steam iron is ready to be used. Face the heating plate towards the clothes and press the trigger to activate the steam. When pressing the steam button, move the iron on the entire clothes for even steam. The product can be used both horizontally and vertically.



- After the red light turns off, you may press for steam up to 8 times.
-If you experience water spitting, the steam is not ready for use. Do allow a longer heating time before trying again.

-For storage, make sure to first empty out the water tank to prevent calcium build-up.


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