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Tokyo Jelly TJ's Diet


Laziest yet healthy way to lose weight? Reduce those calories just by replacing your meal with TJ’s Diet Meal Replacement from Japan! Replace either your lunch or dinner with TJ’s Diet for just 5 days, and you are reducing the same amount of calories as walking for about 10.3hours non-stop!


There's no need to fully sacrifice your favourite food anymore! Simply manage your daily calories intake (calories deficit) with having TJ's Diet for lunch or dinner. (Ideal daily is 2500 calories for men, 2000 for women). As long as your daily calories do not exceed the daily intake, you will maintain your weight.


If you wish to lose weight, you need to cut off your calorie intake by at least 500 calories  a day to lose 1KG by 14 days.


Simply prepare TJ's Diet with milk and mix, and instantly turn it into a delicious pastel jelly that tastes just like a pudding dessert! 


You don’t need to restrict yourself to strict diets or subject yourselves to extremely vigorous exercise anymore! TJ’s Diet is only 200 calories, and is filling enough to be consumed as a meal replacement. With TJ’s Diet, not only do you lose weight, but you also receive a variety of vitamins and nutrients, including dietary fibre and collagen which are extremely healthy and essential for your body!


What’s better than eating your way to become slimmer? Regardless of age or body shape after childbirth, TJ’s Diet is one of the best option to lose weight healthily, while sustaining a better lifestyle. Available in 3 different flavours. 


Capacity: 120g per serving



  • Use it as a meal replacement for only one meal a day.
  • Use full fresh milk only, the pudding may not form if almond/soy/milk of other sorts are used. 
  • Not suitable for vegetarians 
  • Consume with a balanced diet



1) Shake well a pack of TJ’s Diet and pour contents into a bowl

2) Mix with 80ml of Cold Milk and use a spoon to stir till it forms a pudding-like texture 

Ingredients: isomaltooligosaccharide, maltose, dietary fibre, collagen, vitamin mix powder, pectin, lanthanum 


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