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Ultimo Clean Water Mop

Are you still using the traditional mop? Is mopping your floor really clean when you are dipping the mop back to the water and using it again for the next portion? Ultimo Clean Water Mop solves the issue of reusing the dirty water to clean the floor. Little to no effort is needed and you can start cleaning away in a matter of a few seconds!

Ultimo Clean Water Mop is an innovative mop that replaced the traditional mop system to  help cleaning to be more efficient, fun and less time consuming. The mop’s two-bucket system separates dirty water from clean water and includes a built-in pump that sprays the mop head with clean water.  That means rinse water is always clean and the mop head remains effortlessly clean.

Not only that, Ultimo Clean Water mop serves as a multi-purpose mop that is excellent for multiple surfaces and designed a handle activated spinning for hands-free rinsing and wringing. The stick of the mop is very flexible and light which helps to reach and clean every corner of the house; glass window, door, cabinet and wall. 

So you think mopping the floor few times means it's clean? We've put it to the test with the ATP Bacteria Tester (Bioluminescence Meter).

Traditional mops reuses the water from your "washed" mop and use it back onto the already clean floor, which means you are still transferring the bacteria to and fro! Just take a look at the nasty high score the traditional mop achieved.

Meanwhile using the Ultimo Clean Water Mop, you are always using new water instead of soaking the mop back into the contaminated water so the mop always stay clean as shown!


Made in China


- Mop Pad: Coral Velvet (100% Polyester) + Sponge (Polyether Sponge) + Nylon Yarn Adhesive Cloth

- Bucket: PP

- Mop Stick: Stainless Steel

Net Weight: 2kg


- Packaging length: 33.5cm x 33cm x 25cm

- Mop Stick: 116cm (minimum), 136cm (maximum)

- Mop Pad: 24cm

- Inner Bucket: 18.5cm (H) x 30cm (L)

- Outer Bucket: 21cm (H) x 32.5cm (L)

Water Capacity: 3.5L

Directions on usage: 










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