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Ultimo Mop Duo + Free Flexi Sponge


Frustrated by bothersome washing? Stubborn stains? Bulky pails? Ultimo Mop Duo is here to solve all your problems and meet your cleaning needs! Our super absorbent sponge cleans up spills and liquids flawlessly, leaving your floors and surfaces squeaky clean. Effortlessly wipe up stains, wash and dry in a matter of a few seconds!


Forget constantly switching mops for different floorings, Ultimo Mop Duo does the job on all sorts of surfaces. The slim, lightweight bucket also allows for easy storage and mobility, with an extendable telescopic handle great for windows or even under beds. Use any sort of floor cleaner or detergent you like, and it will not spoil or damage the mop! Say goodbye to built-up dirt and mold like in traditional mops, as Ultimo Mop Duo dries up quickly and prevents molds and mildews. Its washing and drying time is also much faster and efficient!


Get your Ultimo Mop Duo now, so that you can keep your kitchen, toilet, living rooms or wherever spick and span in no time!




Made in China 


- Handle: Stainless Steel 

- Mop Sponge: PVA

- Bucket: Plastic 

Capacity: 4L

Gross Weight: 1.95 kgs


- Handle Length: 113~136 cm 

- Mop Sponge: 26cm(L) x 5.5cm(H)

- Bucket: 34cm(L) x 11.5cm(W) x 29cm(H)


Directions on usage: 

To assemble the handle, align the different poles and connect by turning clockwise. To assemble/replace mop sponge, place the sponge on the mop plate. Place both snaps on the slots and push outwards to secure, then press the clip on both ends to lock it. 


Before usage, ensure the mop sponge is wet and soft. If dry, soak into water before use. Fill the bucket with water not exceeding the maximum water level. Keep the pole upright during wash. To use, insert the mop handle into the corresponding slots (Wash/Dry/Store) for each task. For the Dry slot, ensure that you are pressing the mop down such that there would be a slight click sound when drying. 



To wash the PVA Sponge, simply rinse with water and mild detergent and lightly rub the sponge. Avoid using bleach. 




Flexi Sponge


Flexi Sponge offers several innovations to ease cleaning smooth or glass surfaces. The PVA sponge is highly absorbent and will not drip. Equipped with a flexible blade, it replaces your window squeegee. After squeezing you will have a fresh, almost completely dry sponge that gets you streak-free results. This versatile sponge isn’t just for cleaning windows, it’s also great for washing cars, surfaces, garden furniture and more.




Made in China 

Material: PVA Sponge 

Weight: 230g


Directions on usage:

Moisten the sponge before use. To drain the water, simply unclip the handle and fold the sponge. Avoid using it to clean greasy substances as PVA is difficult to degrease.



After use, rinse with clear water and let the sponge air dry. After cleaning, it is recommended to rinse the sponge to make sure that there are no residues on it.  



NOTE: This sponge has the property of hardening when it is very dry. During its delivery or its storage it dries and hardens. Please let it soak so that it finds its flexibility. The provided tray allows to store the sponge and to slow the drying process.



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