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Vibro Sculpt


Portable massage device for a relaxing and firming massage
VibroSculpt is a handy massage device that massages your body both softly and powerfully. The comfortable massage therapy is suitable for your abdomen, waist, arms, legs, buttocks, neck, back and shoulders. For example, opt for a relaxing and pain-relieving massage for your neck and shoulders. The firming massage therapy is ideal for strengthening your abdomen, waist, legs and buttocks. 


How does VibroSculpt massage therapy work?
VibroSculpt uses the Vibro Wave technology. This is a combination of vibration waves and a rotating motion. The speed is adjustable to go from a soft, quiet body massage to a fast, firming connective tissue massage, to relieve pain, to optimize blood circulation and to relax sore muscles. 

Strengthen problem areas without exercise
Thanks to the Vibro Buff technology with powerful vibratory waves, your skin is strengthened and fat cells are broken down. This massage technique is ideal for strengthening the arms, buttocks, abdomen and waist and helps to reduce cellulite. The gentle, rotating movements of the VibroSculpt make your skin smoother for a tighter and younger looking skin.


Extra massage covers for every massage therapy
The VibroSculpt comes with 3 different interchangeable massage covers that fit on the massage head. The blue cover is suitable for the entire body and has a soothing and firming effect. You use the white cover for a pain-relieving neck massage, back massage, shoulders and legs. With the orange cover, skin has a healing effect and helps to reduce the visibility of orange skin or cellulite. Do you like to use an oil, cream or gel for a massage? You can still use this in combination with the VibroSculpt for maximum absorption into your skin.


VibroSculpt for athletes and masseurs
VibroSculpt is also suitable for people who regularly want to take sports, trainers and performances to a higher level. The powerful vibration wave therapy can improve blood circulation which is ideal for warming up, heavier workouts and faster muscle recovery. After training, let your muscles relax and feel the immediate relief wherever you need it.


Package contents:

- wire 2 meters

- VibroSculpt  (700g)

- 1x blue cover 
- 1x white cover 
- 1x orange cover 
- 1 220-240v ac / dc cord 
- Instructions for use 
- Nutrition plan


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