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Black Gold Garlic

Black Gold Black Garlic is a pack full of wholesome goodness with multiple usages and it’s taste resembling tamarind, balsamic and sweet prunes. It was noted that the active constituent of garlic includes highly unstable thiosulfinates, such as allicin which appears to undergo rapid transformation during processing into a variety of organosulfur components. This raises the possibility that variations in processing can yield quite different preparations with different nutrients and health effects. The BLACK GOLD black garlic is made from high quality organically grown garlic and fermented through Japan's patented process.


Why is it black colour? The Black garlic derives its dark appearance through the fermentation process. Fermentation takes place through two stages. In the first stage Organic garlic bulbs are arranged in wooden boxes and placed in a greenhouse-like room for about a month. The room is kept at high temperature and humid conditions to create a dry steaming effect which is ideal for the garlic bulbs to ferment. By the end of the month, the garlic bulbs will acquire a light brownish color. They will then be transferred to another room for the next and final stage of maturation after which it would acquire its black appearance. Simple though it may seem, these effects on the fresh garlic bulb include decomposition, acid reduction, hydrolysis, synthesis and a host complicated transformation affecting more than 800 types of amino acids.  Enzymes are broken down and proteins and sugar naturally found in the garlic will combine to create the black appearance, the sweet, balsamic taste and smooth soft texture that  offers an amazing melt-in-the-mouth sensation.


Black Garlic or Aged garlic is not a new to the world product concept. However new and improved production processes in aging and fermentation have regularly emerged like that described for the Black Gold Black Garlic. These new processes appear to have resulted in products with new properties and nutritional value. The extent to which processing methods affect the chemical properties of Black and Aged Garlic baffles researchers. So that antioxidant properties also increased by ten times and its activation benefits are tremendously enhanced as compared to ordinary white garlic.



Made in China


Ingredients: 100% Organic Fermented Black Garlic

Weight: 6 bulbs (Approx 240g)

Product Dimensions: 11.8 cm (Length) x 17.4 cm (Width) x 6.0 cm (Height)


How to store:

Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. 


Directions on Consumption: 

For Normal Health Maintenance: 1-2 cloves/day

For Skin Condition: 2-3 cloves/day

Other ailments: 2-3 cloves/day


Serving Suggestions: 

1. Black Garlic in its food form may be enjoyed as a preserved fruit and be snacked upon as when convenient.

2. It can also be used and spice on condiment other food preparation. 

3. The skin of the garlic may be used to brew tea



Frequently Asked Questions

How did Black Gold® Black Garlic turn Black? Does Black Gold® Black Garlic contain any artificial coloring, preservatives or additives?

The black color is the result of a 3 to 4 months self-fermentation process of organic raw garlic. Black Gold® Black Garlic is 100% natural, no preservatives, no additives, no artificial coloring added.


What’s the taste of Black Gold® Black Garlic?

After fermentation, the spicy and pungent taste of garlic is replaced with a naturally sweet and sourish taste with a hint of balsamic.


Can people with Diabetes take Black Gold® Black Garlic?

There is no sugar added for Black Gold Black Garlic. The natural sweetness is derived from its natural sugar content, even diabetic patients can consume.


What is the suitable age for consumption of Black Gold® Black Garlic?

Black Gold® Black Garlic is suitable for 2 years and above.


When should I consume Black Gold® Black Garlic?

It can be consumed at any time of the day. There is no specific timing to consume, it’s up to your convenience unless specifically stated on the packaging.


How to consume Black Gold® Black Garlic?

You can simply peel if off and take it directly as a healthy snack, or add it to your daily meals. The natural sweet and sourish taste of Black Gold® Black Garlic makes it the perfect choice as a topping to your desserts as well. Every part of Black Gold® Black Garlic can be used, from the flesh to the skin, leaving nothing to waste. You may even keep the Black Gold® Black Garlic skin for tea brewing!


Are Black Gold® Black Garlic and Black Gold® Drink HALAL certified?

Yes, both products are HALAL certified.


Can cancer patients consume Black Gold® Black Garlic? Can pregnant ladies consume Black Gold® Black Garlic?

Black Gold® Black Garlic is a healthy food made from natural ingredients. However, an individual's health condition differs from person to person, it would be better to consult your doctor before making the purchase.


Can I consume Black Gold® Black Garlic together with other medicinal, drugs or herbal products?

Under normal circumstances, there should be no issue as Black Gold® Black Garlic is a healthy food made from natural ingredients. However, kindly consult your doctor if you are still concerned before making your purchase.


Any particular medical condition where Black Gold® Black Garlic is deemed not suitable for consumption? (e.g. diabetes/high blood pressure)

No. Black Gold® Black Garlic is suitable for 2 years and above, recommended for individuals with 3 highs and/or with skin condition and/or unhealthy guts.


If I am generally healthy, can I still consume Black Gold® Black Garlic?

Yes. 1-2 slices per day is good for normal health maintenance.


How should Black Gold® Black Garlic and Black Gold® Drink be stored?

Black Gold® Black Garlic can be kept at normal room temperature in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. Please keep refrigerated after opening the vacuum package. For Black Gold® Drink, store in a cool, dry place. Please keep refrigerated after opening and consume immediately.


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