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Bio-Ray Metal Support Knee guard

Do you experience pain in your knees doing even the simplest tasks? Pain in the knees can be annoying, but it is so common. Knee joints are actually the greatest weight breaking joints of our human body. Our knees are subjected to daily wear and tear as almost every action, including standing, exerts pressure on our knees. This especially worsens with age. Which is why it is so important to take care of our knees.


Ebene Metal Support Knee Guard is suitable for the elderly, people who have undergone surgery, sports men, and even people who sit and stand for long hours. No one wants to feel pain, so take care of your knees, before it's too late. The Bio-Rays help to stimulate circulation of oxygen and blood, preventing knee pain!


Suitable for:

- Require relief for intense pain

- Knee injury

- Regular post exercise/sports aches or strains 

- Require support needs and stability

- Work that require standing for long hours



Size Guide:

Bio-Ray Metal Support Knee Guard (Measure the circumference of lower thigh, 1inch above your knee cap)

Size S: 30.5cm - 36.8cm

Size M: 36.8cm - 43.2cm

Size L: 43.2cm - 49.5cm

Size XL: 49.5cm - 55.8cm




Bio-Heat + Glucosamine Pain Relief Cream

Looking for a relief for your pains/aches? Ebene Glucosamine Pain Relief Cream not only repairs worn-out joints, but also protects healthy joints! 


With its extra 10% Glucosamine, knee cartilage problems are improved, joint repair and regeneration are also promoted. This means your cartilages are nourished and repaired, reducing pain.


Wear and tear in the body is normal, but we should do our best to slow down the wear and tear of existing cartilages and prevent further degeneration of joints.


Suitable for:

- Frequent neck/muscle/body aches

- Joint arches aches and pains

- Experiencing Stiff shoulders or sore muscles

- Regular post exercise/sports aches or strains 

- Has hip pains/aches



Heat Relief Back Patch

Experiencing frequent back pain or aches? Is it affecting your everyday life from bending and picking things up? Or even simply getting out of bed could cause your back to hurt. Ebene Heat Relief Back Patch can help relieve the pain. This patch provides 52°C of intense heat, helping to speed up healing of aches, pains and stiffness. It also reduces muscle fatigue and relaxes your muscles, leaving you feeling strong and healthy, pain-free once again.


It is a thin odourless patch, so no need to worry about intense smells or having a bulge on your back from the patch. The pain relief lasts for 10 hours, so you can easily go about your day without worrying of having to change the patch.



Bio-RayFoot Massage Sock

Do you have to sit or stand for long hours daily? This could cause Varicose Veins, due to poor blood circulation in the legs. Fret not!  Ebene’s Bio-Ray Foot Massage Socks work as a foot massager to promote both blood and oxygen circulation.


It might not be convenient to move about frequently due to your job, which is why the help of a sock to improve the blood and oxygen circulation in your legs can be so helpful! It also provides warmth to your feet to relieve cramps, numbness as well as nocturia. You can wear it all night without worrying of a decrease in blood flow. It is also made of a breathable material, which means no bad odour from the socks!


Suitable for:

- Work that require standing for long hours

- Experience frequent feet cramps

- Travellers on long haul flights

- Those who drive for long hours

- Elderly who wish to keep their feet warm


Size Guide:

Foot Massage Sock

Free Size



Product Specification

Back Patch & Foot Massage Sock | Made in China

Bio-Ray Metal Support Knee guard | Made in Malaysia

Glucosamine Pain Relief Cream | Made in Singapore


Materials & Key Ingredients

Glucosamine Pain Relief Cream: Glucosamine, Fleeceflower Root, Ginseng, Gastrodia Elata Root, Black LingZhi, Angelica Root, Wolfberry, Peach

Bio-Ray Metal Support Knee Guard: Bio-Ray Technology, Soft and Flexible Metal, Breathable Material

Back Patch:

Foot Massage Sock: Bio-Ray Technology, Tourmaline, Breathable Material


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is EBENE Bio-Ray?

EBENE Bio-Ray Technology is a unique formula made with minerals from Japan to improve blood and oxygen circulation to effectively relief pain and speed up recovery.


When should I wash EBENE socks series products?

Washing of EBENE socks series products is dependent on usage and usage frequency. EBENE socks series can be washed after each outdoor use to maintain the cleanliness of the product. For indoor or night use, we would recommend washing the EBENE socks series at least once a week.


How should I wash the EBENE socks series products?

EBENE socks series should be hand washed gently with mild detergent in order not to shorten the product’s material lifespan. We recommend submerging our products in a tub of water with mild detergent then gently swirling the product in the tube for 2 to 3 minutes, rinse with water after. Do not scrub, twist or rub the products as it may shorten the product’s material lifespan.


How should I dry EBENE socks series products after washing?

Do not twist or wring EBENE socks series products as it may shorten the product’s material lifespan. We recommend gentle squeezing to remove excess water, afterwards hang-dry, indoors or outdoors.


Will washing EBENE socks series products affect Bio-Ray efficacies?

No, washing will not affect the Bio-Ray efficacies when following our recommended methods.


As a vegetarian, I am concerned with the source for glucosamine. Is there any animal origins used in the Glucosamine Pain Relief Cream?

EBENE Glucosamine Pain Relief Cream is vegetarian friendly!  There is no ingredient used in EBENE glucosamine that originated from animals.


EBENE Bio-Ray prints supposed to be worn on the outside or in contact with the skin?

EBENE Bio-Ray prints can be worn both on the inside and outside as the Bio-Ray effects are able to penetrate through. The Bio-Ray prints are printed differently for some products to reduce wear & tear elements and provide secondary functions. For example Metal Support Knee Guard print is on the outside to reduce movement friction whereas Foot Massage Socks is on the inside to reduce friction with shoes and serve as a foot massager.


Can I use the EBENE socks series when pregnant?

Yes, EBENE socks series can be used during pregnancy.


Can I Use Ebene Pain Relief Cream Series when pregnant?

We would recommend that you seek your doctor’s advice prior to using EBENE Pain Relief Creams if you are pregnant.


Is Bio-Ray Technology safe?

Yes. Radiation is the emission of energy from any source, such as infrared energy from the sun.  All living organisms will be exposed to natural radiations from the sun that can be beneficial or harmful. EBENE’s Japan Therapeutic Bio Ray Technology is a safe form of therapeutic infrared ray with similar wavelength and efficacies to the sun’s far infrared rays.



Can I use these products after surgery?

Yes you may.


Are the products suitable for diabetic patients?

Yes. Diabetic may use these products. 



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