GOURMET CHEF White Porcelain Dinnerware

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Gourmet Chef White Porcelain Dinnerware

What contributes to a good dining experience? Yes, good food and good company is crucial, but what makes the dining experience a memorable one is having good dinnerware too!

Remember some of our best dining experiences? The first thing that catches our attention once we sit down is the dinnerware. Having a dull or unappealing set of utensils and cutleries immediately dampens our mood for dining. Speaking of mood, having good tableware helps us to set the right mood. Depending on the type of cuisine you are planning to serve, having the right tableware means that half the battle is already won for the diners. Especially after a long day at work coming home to have dinner with your loved ones, yellowish old plastic plates surely don’t justify the looks of the delicious meal prepared for you, sounds familiar?

So, what tableware should you use?

Gourmet Chef’s White Porcelain Dinnerware Set is just for you! With a minimalistic and modern feel, it already spices up your dining experience. The porcelain is manufactured from Jing De Zhen and the whole manufacturing process is clean and hygienic. Put a bowl under a light and see it glow - Gourmet Chef has got nothing to hide! Translucency makes the dinnerware looks elegant because the 2 level firing from 1200-1300C helps to oxidise and remove any bubbles, carbonate and sulphate in the process, to make sure the porcelain is pure to ensure better durability and longer lasting dinnerware.

Designed and manufactured with non-porous safe material, AB-grade porcelain, BPA-free, lightweight yet durable and it does not leach anything into your food thus it also does not absorb food particles which can prevent bacteria formation. Gourmet Chef’s White Porcelain Dinnerware does not retain odor and stain making it easy to clean too!



1. Use only soft sponge or nylon cleaning pads.

2. Coffee or tea colorations can be removed by cleaning with baking soda or mild dish detergent.

3. Water with high iron content can stain dishes. To remove iron stains, use a mild dish detergent.

4. Wash with mild dish detergent, rinse and dry.

5. Do not use or repair any dinnerware that is chipped, cracked, or noticeably scratched. Damaged items may break or shatter without warning.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the material leach anything into your food?
No, Our product is amde wit non-porous safe material.


2. Does it absorb food particles and thus bateria formation?


3. Is the surface smooth?
Yes, the surface is smooth which makes it easy to clean.


4. Does it maintain its shine after washing?
Yes, it will maintain its perfect shine even after countless washing.


5. Can the product be use in the oven, microwave and dishwasher machine?
Yes, you can safetly use the product in the oven, microwave and dishwasher machine.


6. Temperature tolerance range?
From -20°c to 100°c. 



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