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Standing in front of your multiple frying pans for multiple hours just stir frying? Frustrated by the number of things you need to wash? If you want something that does it all for you, our Rotating  Air Fryer does the job seamlessly with its 45° tilting angle! With such design, all your stir-frying needs will be satisfied and you will have lesser utensils to wash by the end of your cooking session. 


Even a cooking amateur can make great dishes using our Rotating Air Fryer as cooking can not be easier with it - simply place the ingredients inside, close the lid and turn the power on! Moreover, with a whooping capacity of 6 litres and timer of up to 60 minutes, you can make any kind of dish you want. Our Rotating Air Fryer includes a viewing window, designed for you to monitor the cooking process. A hands-free, hands-off cooking session is no longer something unattainable!


Another main feature of the Rotating Air Fryer is its non-stick property. You don’t have to worry about sticky, stubborn stains, making cleaning so much more simpler.


This Rotating Air Fryer is also super versatile with 6 different functions - Roast, Grill, Fry, Stir-fry, Bake (Pizza), Dehydrate. The unique function of Dehydration can revert stale chips to its original crispy, form and you can even dehydrate meats and fruits - so you can make your very own beef jerky and dried fruit snacks!


It is a given that your safety is our priority. Hence our Rotating Fryer has suction cups attached at the base for greater, safer cooking experience. 


Take a step towards a minimalistic kitchen with our Rotating Fryer today!



Made in China


- Outer Layer: Polypropylene

- Transparent Cover: Polycarbonates

- Non-stick material: Non-stick oil

Capacity: 6 litres

Power: 1200 - 1400W

Voltage: 220V - 240V, 50/60Hz 

Weight: 5.3kg

Power cord length: 97cm

Dimensions: 34.4cm (W) x 38cm (L) x 33.5cm (H)


Directions on usage: 

Press ‘Start’, select the desired function. After setting the temperature, press the ‘Temp/Time’ button to set the amount of time for cooking. Once that is completed, press ‘Start’ to officially start cooking. 


Prior to first time usage: 

Install the filter onto the Rotating Air Fryer unit.



After unplugging the unit from the power outlet, you may wash the inner pot, tong, baking pan, lower rack and filter with mild detergent added to clean water. The housing of the machine can be cleaned with a mildly damp cloth. Do not immerse the machine in water.


Wipe the unit’s base and metal near the heating element with damp cloth. DO NOT pour water as it contains a synchronous motor inside.


DO NOT use abrasive material when washing.



Total weight of the food should not exceed 2.5kg.




Filter, Baking Pan, Tongs


Frequently Asked Questions

Rotating Air Fryer Set

Gourmet Chef Rotating Air Fryer set consists of the main unit, inner pot, user manual, rack, handle and 3 accessories namely tong, baking pan and filter.


Net weight : 5.3KGS

Product Dimensions (LxBxH): 380x345x335mm

Voltage: 220V - 240V

Power: 1200 - 1400W

Frequency: 50/60Hz 

Time Setting

What is the range of the time setting?

1 minute, all the way up to 60 minutes. 

What is the range of the preset timing?
It ranges from 30 minutes to 12 hours. Each click has a 1 minute difference up till 1 hour. When the time is up to 1 hour, each click has a 1 hour difference. Press “Start” after setting the preset time. Then press the “Menu” key to select the appropriate mode.

Temperature Setting

What is the range of the temperature setting

It ranges from 40 to 240 degree celsius


What is the temperature interval?

Each click is 10 degree celsius difference


It has 6 modes namely Fry, Bake (Pizza), Stir-fry, Roast, Dehydrate and Grill.


What is the “Dehydration Function” about?

The Dehydration Function can be used to make food such as dried fruits, bacon or even make your stale food (e.g. potato chips) crispy again! This function makes the process of making dried food so much easier. Now you can place dried fruits in your drinks for a healthier drink, or even eat it on its own. 

What can I cook with it?

There are a variety of dishes you can make using your creativity in combination with the Rotating Air Fryer. Some common dishes would be fried rice, fried food, stir-frying dishes. You may also use it to cook steak, fish, toast, egg tart, popcorn, pie, cookies, coffee beans and the list goes on. For more information, please refer to the user manual.

Instructions prior to first time usage?

There are no special directions to follow prior to using the Rotating Air Fryer. Do, however, read the user manual thoroughly beforehand and operate it accordingly.

Tilting the Rotating Air Fryer?

When should I tilt the Rotating Air Fryer?

It depends on the dish that you are making. In general if you wish to stir fry, you would need to tilt the air fryer. For other dishes you may refer to the control panel on the unit itself, or reference the user manual. There would be an indication as to whether tilting is required for specific dishes. 

Do I need to tilt the Rotating Air Fryer on both sides, or is tilting to one side sufficient?

Tilting to one side is sufficient as the inner pot will be rotating when cooking for even heating. However, if you feel the need to tilt to both sides, you may do so. 

Can I use it to steam?

The Rotating Air Fryer cannot be used for steaming dishes.

Is the Rotating Air Fryer scratch resistant?

The outer layer of the Rotating Air Fryer is scratch resistant. Although the inner layer of the Rotating Air Fryer is scratch resistant to a certain extent, it is not recommended to use sharp utensils when using the Rotating Air Fryer as it may affect the non-stick coating qualtiy. 


What’s the material of the outer material?

Rotating Air Fryer uses polypropylene (PP) as its outer material and polycarbonates (PC) for its transparent cover.

What is the material of the non-stick?

The non-stick layer is made using non-stick oil which can endure up to 380℃.

Is the non-stick material PTFE/PFOA free?

Yes, it is.


Can we use ceramic or glass bowls when reheating?

- Ceramic works perfectly fine for reheating

- Plastic or trays that can endure up to 250℃ can be used for reheating. 

- In general microwave safe cutlery can be used in this air fryer (take note that if its plastic, make sure it can endure up to 250℃)

- If you intend to use glass, please ensure that it is resistant to high temperature. 

- Containers which can be used in an oven, can be used in this air fryer too.


What function should I use for reheating?

You may choose any function and adjust the temperature and timing according to your needs.


How should I go about cleaning my Rotating Air Fryer?

After unplugging the unit from the power outlet, you may wash the inner pot, tongs, baking pan, lower rack and filter with mild detergent. The housing of the machine can be cleaned with a mildly damp cloth. Do not immerse the machine in water

Is there a specific way to go about cleaning the base after I’ve removed the inner pot?

You may use a damp cloth to wipe the inner base clean. DO NOT pour water inside as there is a synchronous motor inside. 

How should I go about cleaning the metal part near the heating element?

You may use a damp cloth to clean it.

Is it alright if I use abrasive materials while washing?

It is not recommended to use such harsh materials such as metal scourers (as like any other non-stick cookwares) as it may affect the non-stick coating quality. It is recommended to use silicone or non-abrasive materials while washing. 


Is it okay if I wash the inner pot immediately after cooking?

Yes you may. The non-stick coating can endure up to 380℃ and it is able to sustain a temperature difference of 300℃. Since the maximum temperature is 240℃, washing the inner pot immediately after usage will not affect its quality.





Possible Reason

Suggested Solution

Not working /  No power

No power supply

Check the power supply

Power cord, plug or socket damaged. Or they are not well connected

Check the status of the plug and socket, and confirm that they are well-connected

Abnormal voltage

Check if the voltage of power supply is too high or too low

Check if the plug /  socket is overheated

Check if the socket has been overloaded or the extended socket is damaged.

Fuse or PCB Broken

Please contact our customer service at +65 6742 1771

E1 code found in display

The sensor and PCB are not well connected. Or the sensor is broken

Please contact our customer service at +65 6742 1771

E2 code found in display

The sensor is broken

Please contact our customer service at +65 6742 1771


Rotating Air Fryer Filter FAQ

What is the filter used for?

The filter can be fixed onto the heater shield, to prevent the accumulation of grease inside the heater.

When do you use the filter?

It is recommended to use it before cooking any food which contains fats as it prevents the accumulation of grease inside the heater.


How should I go about cleaning the filter?

After use, you can remove the filter and rinse or wipe it to clean it. Alternatively, you may also place it in the dishwasher for washing as it is dishwasher safe.


Rotating Air Fryer Baking Pan FAQ

Is the baking pan non-stick?

Yes, it is.


FAQs on specific food


Why won’t my popcorn pop in this air fryer? 


If your corn kernels don't seem to be popping in the Rotating Air Fryer, there are a few steps you can take:


1. Ensure that when you pop the corn, the Rotating Air Fryer is tilted. 

2. Remove the filter before popping the corn 

3. Preheat the air fryer for a few minutes before using it to pop the corn. 



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