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Karcher Cordless Electric Broom


Need a fast and effective intermediate cleaning of hard floors and carpets? The Karcher cordless sweeper is the perfect quick cleaning solution for getting rid of everyday dirt, dust, and debris around your home. 


Additionally, swivel steering and a fold flat handle allows for easy cleaning under and around furniture. Karcher cordless electric broom runs on a lithium-ion battery that provides 30 minutes of consistent power, is ready to use more quickly than a vacuum cleaner and makes intermediate cleaning extremely convenient. Outstanding cleaning performance in the smallest of spaces.


It allows you to work ergonomically without bending over, sweeps very close to the edge, reaches even between chairs and under furniture and can also be used comfortably on steps. Effortlessly begin cleaning any hard floor or low pile carpet by simply tilting the handle back and powering on the sweeper. 


Other equipment features and performance characteristics of the Karcher cordless electric broom are the automatic on/off switch, flexible double joint for easy manoeuvring, universal brush and the low weight of the cordless electric broom.


When the sweeper is full, simply pull the side canister from the sweeper head and empty debris in no time at all. Once finished sweeping, the compact design stores away easily until your next cleaning job.


Designed and Engineered in Germany 

Made in Romania

Materials: Plastic and Aluminium. Running on Lithium ion battery  

Full Charge: 180mins


Usage time: 20-30mins of constant usage


Dust Capacity Container: 370ml


Battery Voltage: 3.7V


Weight: 1.2kg


Dimensions: 215mm (L) x 230mm (W) x 1120mm (H)

Operating Instruction: READ MORE>>




Frequently Asked Questions

Is the electric broom suitable for pet hair?


Yes, the electric broom includes two brushes: one standard brush and one pet hair brush. Hair can be removed easily and hygienically from all floor coverings using the pet hair brush.



What should I do if the battery goes flat quickly?


Charge the electric broom, making sure it is switched off, for at least 3½ hours. If the battery is still not charged after a charging time of 14 hours, please contact us.



What should I do if the brush stops rotating?


Charge the battery and clean the brush to remove any dirt.



What should I do if the cordless electric broom is running noisily?


Charge the battery, clean the brush by removing any dirt or replace the brush if it is worn out.



What should I do if the cordless electric broom is difficult to push?


Check the rollers, clean them or, if necessary, replace them.



How long Karcher has been in the industry?


The company was set up in 1935 in Germany Winneden by Mr. Alfred Kärcher, an engineer with a passion for invention, applied his inexhaustible creative drive and ingenuity to finding solutions to technical problems. Yet he never ignored his responsibility for his employees’ needs and concerns. That is why the company has always seen economic success and sustainable development as going hand in hand.



What is the warranty on Karcher products?

The different warranty policies for Kärcher products are listed as follows:

Pumps & Steam Ironing Stations: 6 Months

Outdoor Products: 12 Months (1 Year)

Indoor Products: 24 Months (2 Years)


What happens if I cannot locate my receipt?

If seeking to make a claim under the product warranty, a valid proof of purchase must be provided to be checked for warranty verification.

If there is no receipt, customers are liable to pay for any charges.


What warranty cover do my accessories have?

All Kärcher products purchased are covered by a minimum 7 days warranty period, or as otherwise stated at point of sale. 

Wear and tear is not covered under the terms and conditions of warranty. Therefore, if the accessory fails due to wear and tear, a replacement will be chargeable.



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