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Kinohimmitsu Collagen Nite

What is collagen Nite? It is an upgraded version of the Collagen Diamond Nite, a new formulation 2 new ingredients, which is green tea & spinach extract and L-Tryptophan.

Unwind from your daily life by enjoying Kinohimitsu Collagen Nite. Formulated with 5300mg Marine Collagen, GABA, Tryptophan and other phytonutrients, this beauty functional drink will rejuvenate tired looking skin and achieve outer radiance after a good night’s sleep.


Key Ingredients

Collagen - Collagen Peptide (Fish) in small molecular form allows immediate absorption by the body to plump up the skin.

Manuka Honey - Originate from New Zealand is an excellent anti-inflammatory source that supports natural healing and protects skin from oxidative stress.

Lactium® Milk Peptide - Made from a milk protein called casein, Lactium® increases the efficiency of GABA, a neurotransmitter, to reduce stress and anxiety, therefore inducing relaxation. It also helps with stabilisation of mood changes and improves sleep.


How to consume

1 bottle a day, preferably before bedtime. Shake well before drinking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much collagen does Collagen Nite contain?

It contains 5300mg of collagen per serving.


What is the difference with Diamond Nite?

Apart from GABA, Collagen Nite contains L-tryptophanand Lactium Milk Peptide which help to promote better sleep quality. It also contains Synergene Spinach + Green Tea Extract which is good for skin regeneration.


How to consume Collagen Nite?

For first time user, recommended to take one bottle before bedtime for 6 days consecutively, then switch to one bottle every other day for maintenance.


Is Collagen Nite suitable for vegetarian?

It is not suitable for vegetarian as it contains fish collagen.


Is it suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

Kinohimitsu products are 100% natural, no preservatives, no artificial colouring or flavouring and no chemicals. For pregnant pr lactating women, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before taking any nutritional products.


Can men take Collagen Nite?

Yes, it suitable for both genders.


Is it suitable for diabetic patients?

For patients who are taking pro-longed medications or illnesss requiring special care of diet or food intake, it is best to obtain all types of supplements or natural health products with prior consultation with your physician.


Is it safe to consume during menses?

Yes, it is safe to consume during menses.



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