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Kinohimitsu Eyebright

An Instant Wake-up Call for Your Eyes

Your eyes not only affect how you see, but how you feel. Caring for your vision can lead to a better quality of life. Kinohimitsu EyeBright is designed to offer in-depth protective elements to the eyes.

Coupled with FloraGLO® Lutein, DHA, Lycopene and potent anthocyanins (Maqui Berry Extract & Purple Rice Extract) for ultimate nourishment to the eyes. It is carefully tailored to meet the needs of your eyes from childhood to golden age.


What’s Special About EyeBright?

- Comprehensive Formula that contains DHA, Lycopene and 100mg of FloraGLO® Lutein

- Advanced Technology

- Patented Ingredient

- High Antioxidants

- 17 Cups of Spinach that’s equivalent to 1 sachet of EyeBright!


Key Ingredients

FloraGLO® Lutein - Combats free radicals and filters damaging blue light to protect retina and optic nerves.

Beta-carotene (Dunaliella) - Improves the eye conditions such as poor night vision, dry eyes, eye inflammation, and reduces the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

Purple Rice Extract - The anthocyanin content is able to reduce eye fatigue and effective for improving visual acquity.

Lycopene (Tomato Extract) - The best inner moisturiser to relieve eye dryness and restore charming blink in eyes.

Maqui Berry Extract - The rich content of anthocyanin, especially delphinidin, is excellent in preventing degenerative conditions of eyes by inhibiting light-induced damage on retina.

DHA (Algae) - Ensures retina functions properly and is able to reserve the symptoms of dry eye syndrome.


How to Consume

Take 1 sachet a day before breakfast. Open the sachet and pour it directly into the mouth or mix it with 50ml water. Serve with chilled water for delicious taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended age group for Eyebright?

It is recommended for 6 years and above.


Can eyebright reduce short and long sightedness?

No, eyebright cannot cure short or long sightedness but it can nourish the eyes to help with eye fatigue and dry eyes, preventing further damage to the eye.


What is the star ingredient in eyebright?

We have added 100mg of Floraglo lutein that helps to filer blue light and protect the retina.


How do I take eyebright? 

Take 1 sachet a day, either straight from the sachet or mixed in 50ml of water. It is best taken during the day before breakfast.


How many sachets are in 1 box of eyebright?

There are 30 sachets in each box of eyebright so it lasts for a month.


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