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Kinohimitsu Snow Lotus StemCell

Look younger and feel fantastic all at the same time with Kinohimitsu StemCell, the ultimate anti-ageing drink! Kinohimitsu StemCell drink is chock full of patented Snow Lotus Stem Cell, DNA, RNA and other active ingredients to rejuvenate and re-energise every cell in your body. Delay ageing and naturally build a quality lifestyle with Kinohimitsu Stem Cell Drink.


The 5 Significant Effects

1. Tissue - Hinders UV damage and prevents premature ageing.

2. Skin - Improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles and lightens pigmentations.

3. Physical and mental performance - Improves body vitality, reduces fatigue, increases alertness, and enhances mental focus.

4. Bones and Joints - Enhances joint flexiblity, soothes body aches.

5. Immune System - Improves immunity and cells self-repair ability.


Who need Stem Cell Drinks?

- Aged 35 and above

- Dry or wrinkled skin

- Dull or sagging skin

- Pigmentations

- Slow healing process

- Easily feel fatigue

- Declinig memory

- Body ache

- Poor joint flexibility

- Slow metabolism 


Key Ingredients

Snow Lotus Stem Cell - A U.S. (US 61/290252) and Japan (JP 2009 – 299220) patented age-defying ingredient. It is rich in flavonoids (antioxidant) to promote healthy cells function such as to rejuvenate old cells and to repair damaged cells.

Collagen - Collagen Peptide (Fish) in small molecular form allows immediate absorption by the body to plump up the skin.

DNA & RNA - Responsible for cells rejuvenation. They protect and repair cells so that cells can regain its regenerative function to its best state. They also reduce fatigue, improve mental sharpness and improve immune health.


How to Consume

For first time users, 1 bottle a day for a consecutive period of 6 days, preferably before breakfast/bedtime. For maintenance, 1 bottle every 2 days. Shake well before drinking. Keep chilled for a delicious taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of taking collagen? 

Collagen helps with hair, skin and nails health. It also is vital for healing of the skin from scars or damages. Collagen helps to lift bust, buttocks and thighs and plump the skin for a refreshed look.



What are the benefits of Stemcell Collagen?

Stem Cell includes 5,300 mg Marine Collagen, Snow Lotus Stem Cell and Hyaluronic acid which helps in anti aging, promotes youthful skin, enhance vitality and alertness, improve joint flexibility and strengthen cell self repair ability, suitable for age 35 years and above. 


Can Stemcell help with joint aches?

Yes! Stemcell can help with joints and ligaments and can even  help with declining memory!


What is the directions of use?

We recommend first time users take one bottle before breakfast or bedtime for 6 days consecutively, then take one bottle every other day for maintenance.


If I am taking another Kinohimitsu collagen and want to switch to Stemcell, do I have to repeat the first 6 days? 

No, you can continue stemcell collagen as maintenance.




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