Low GI Healthy Brown Rice by The Little Rice Company

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Little Rice Low GI Brown Rice

The Little Rice Company is a Singapore rice-growing company that brings fresh harvests of rice from our fields to your dining table. We do this by stewarding the entire value chain; from seed to harvest, from milling to packing, until every pack makes the journey into your homes. 

At The Little Rice Company, it's not just about growing rice, but also growing lives. We partner smallholder farmers in Myanmar, a country with ideal rice-growing climate and fertile land and introduce sustainable farming methods. We endeavour to protect the environmental longevity of rice by reducing rice production carbon footprint by 70%, uplift smallholder farm livelihood by increasing income of up to 3 times.  Through our stewardship, we are also committed to educating consumers on food sustainability and traceability through the lens of rice. 

We are Singapore’s first B-Corp certified organisation and member of the Sustainable Rice Platform. With every purchase, you do not just partake in a hearty meal– you partake in improving the livelihood of farmers and promoting sustainable rice production.  

Little Rice certified and tested by the Glycemic Index Research Unit at Temasek Polytechnic, GI level average at 46. It is the lowest GI wholegrain available in Singapore, making it one of the best food options for regulating blood glucose levels. Low GI brown rice gets converted into sugar more slowly and releases energy steadily into the bloodstream, keeping you satiated longer. It also facilitates healthy bowel movement and improves metabolism, promoting weight loss.

Consuming a diet rich in wholegrains may lower the risk of chronic diseases like stroke, heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers. It can also help in weight management and improve blood cholesterol levels. With it's nutrient-packed bran and germ intact, brown rice has 3X fibre and 2X iron than white rice, along with greater amounts of B vitamins, vitamin E and minerals such as calcium, manganese, magnesium, selenium and phosphorus.

Every bowl of rice is good, on so many levels. 

Growing Rice, Growing Life.



Product Specifications

Singapore-born, Myanmar-based


Product dimension: 41cm(Height) x 28cm(Length) x 7cm(Width) - each

Product Weight: 5.1kg (each)



How to cook:

*No pre-soaking required, prepare like white rice

1. Rinse lightly until water is clear.

2. 2 cups of water to 1 cup of rice. Adjust the desired rice texture.

3. Stir the cooked rice and let it sit. Fluff before having.



Storage Tips:

- Always try to store your brown rice in an airtight container.

- Once open, it is recommended to finish the rice within 3 months or keep it in the fridge or place in a cold dry place for up to one year.

- If you do not have an airtight container, keep the rest in the packet, push out as much air as possible then secure the opening with a rubber band or sealing clip.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the process of the rice made?

From proprietary seeds to precision farming advisory to streamlined processing and streamlined distribution. We guarantee the goodness of every grain by stewarding the entire value chain; from seed to harvest, from milling to packing, until every pack makes the journey into your homes.



What is the texture of the rice?

Barley-like fragrance and fluffy texture without the huskiness.



Where does the rice originate from?

We sell Wholegrain rice from farm-to-table, fresh from Myanmar fields.



How to store the rice?

Once opened, the rice should be consumed within 3 months, or kept refrigerated or stored in a cool, dry area for up to a year.



What's the difference between white and brown rice?

Brown rice is a full grain including both the bran and the germ. These are high in fiber and include a variety of vitamins and minerals. White rice is a refined grain that has had certain portions removed, resulting in a softer, faster-cooking grain.



Do I need to cook the brown rice differently from the white rice?

No. You cook both rice the exact same way as each other.



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