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Nutri Blitzer is the fast and easy way to get the essential nutrients your body needs. The precision-made steel extraction blades spin at over 19,000 rpm, creating a cyclonic vortex that pulverises seeds, leaves, skins, stems, peel and rind. 'Blitzing' in this way lets you unlock the vitamins, nutrients, minerals and fibre that ordinary blenders leave behind.

Combine green, leafy veg with fresh fruit and add a protein boost for a daily Blitz Fix packed with natural goodness! It takes seconds to make and even less time to clean up. No need to fear leakages, as our containers ensure no spills, and even allow you to conveniently pack and bring it around with a lid and an attachable handle. 



Made in China 


- Cup: Plastic

- Blades: Stainless Steel

Capacity: 900ml (Tall Cup), 650ml (Short Cup)

Power: 700W

Voltage: 220-240V~50/60Hz



- Never use continuously for more than a minute at a time.

- If the blade stops during hands-free operation, unplug Nutri Blitzer immediately.

- If it appears that the ingredients are no longer touching the blades, stop immediately. Remove the cup and shake/tap it to drop the ingredients into the blades.

- Clean all the Nutri Blitzer attachments before use. 



Hand wash both blades and cups with warm, mild soapy water. Rinse blades and cups under a tap or in a bowl with warm soapy water. Remove any stubborn debris with a soft cleaning brush (not a scourer) and dry immediately to protect blades. For tough cleaning, fill the cup 1⁄3 full with warm (not hot) soapy water then attach a blade and Blitz on the Power Base for 30-45 seconds. Follow up with a quick brush. 

DO NOT put the blades in the dishwasher. 

Do not attempt to remove the grey rubber gasket ring as it may permanently damage the blade and cause leakage. 


If you wish to clean the blades

- Ensure that you do not lose the white ring fastened at the bottom of the blade

- Ensure that the grey rubber ring is fastened back properly if it loosens while cleaning



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the cross blade and flat milling blade?

Extraction Cross Blade - Perfect for all your smoothies, blends and superfood drinks. Use it to grind things that are larger in size, or have tougher firmer texture


Flat Milling Blade - Ideal for spices, seeds, oats, nuts- even freshly ground coffee beans. Use it to grind ingredients that are smaller in size or have similar textures to seeds, beans and nuts. 


When should I use the tall cup and the short cup?

Short Cup - if you want to blend up smaller portions, or food that are usually of smaller capacities (mostly paste, sauces, solid foods)

Tall Cup -  if you want to blend up larger portions, or food and drinks that are usually of larger capacities (mostly juices, smoothies, liquids)


Are the cups freezer safe? 

Yes, they are freezer safe. 


Do you have it in other colours?

Do check our webpage on Nutri Blitzer for information on the available colour options.  


Is there a maximum level indicator on the cup?

Yes, there is a line indicating “MAX”. This is the maximum level you should fill it up to. Ensure not to fill any liquids beyond that “MAX” line.


Are there any tips for using Nutri Blitzer?



What can I make using Nutri Blitzer?

The options are endless - juices, smoothies, milkshakes, minced meat, sauces and pastes and many more! You can even blend solids into a powdered form, and  blend mixtures for baking purposes.


Can I use it to blend ice?

Yes, you may.


Can I use it to blend chinese herbs to powder form?

This would depend on what type of herbs, but mostly, yes.


Can I use it to blend coffee beans?

Yes, you may. 


Can I make pastes/sauces using Nutri Blitzer?

Yes, you may.


Can I use it to blend hot food? 

Avoid blending ingredients/food above 80°C, or anything hot in general. 


Can I use Nutri Blitzer as an electric mixer?

Do note that Nutri Blitzer should NOT be used as a direct replacement for an electric mixer. You may use it to blend certain wet ingredients together for baking purposes, but it will not be effective in mixing ingredients to form dough or mixtures of tougher texture. 



The rubber seal of the blade came out. What should I do?

You can just fix it back in place. 


What should I do if my Nutri Blitzer stops working?

If the motor stops working, please unplug it from the power and let it cool for an hour before using it again. Nutri blitzer has a thermal shut-off that protects the motor. Once unplugged, the unit will reset after cooling down.



Are there some items that I should not blend with Nutri Blitzer?

- Overly bulky / tough / hard objects

- Apple Seeds (contains chemicals that release cyanide into body when ingested)

- Apricot / Cherry / Plum / Peach Pits (contains chemicals that release cyanide into body when ingested)

- Pits from fruit


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