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Remescar 5 Days Treatment Perfect Skin

Remescar's 5 Days Ideal Skin combines two different ampoules in order to nourish your skin during the day as the night. Both ampoules are using different active ingredients and will affect the skin differently. Cell renewal will be stimulated during the night, while the production of collagen will be boosted during the day.

Our skin has different needs when aging. Due to a loss of elasticity or a slower cell renewal, our skin is less firm and may also be dull. It's recommended to use the combination of these ampoules for 5 consecutive days. Your skin will be intensely stimulated which reduces visible signs of aging and a smoother and firmer skin.


Remescar Complete Care Skin Corrector
This ampoule is effective during the day. The active ingredients will brighten and deeply moisturize your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Thanks to its unique microneedling technology, the active ingredients will be able to penetrate deeper into the skin where they can be more effective than if they were applied on top of the skin.


Remescar Night Renewal Exfoliator
This ampoule is effective during the night while your skin's into repair mode. Thanks to its powerful combination of ingredients, these ampoules will repair and renew your skin by removing excess dead skin cell and stimulating cell renewal. Skin imperfections will be reduced and your skin will be smoother, healthier and more even.


Product Specification

Made in Belgium


Volume: 2ml each





Frequently Asked Questions

Are Remescar Complete Care Skin Perfector and Night Renewal Exfoliator safe?

The products are safe for all skin types. In an event that skin irritation or sensitization occurs after applying one of the ampoules, then stop using and consult your physician if the symptoms persist for more than 48h.


How often can they be used?

Use only once a day.


How much product should be applied?

Apply 1 ampoule a day (or half an ampoule and store the rest) before moisturizing the skin for immediate and strong effect.


Can I go in the sun?

Yes but avoid excessive sun exposure. In case of intensive sun exposure, it’s recommended to combine the ampoules with sun protection products which contain no alcohol.


Can makeup still be used?

Yes but wait until the concentrate of Remescar Complete Care Skin Perfector is fully absorbed, before applying make-up.


Are there any toxic ingredients in the formula?

Remescar 5 Days Ideal Skin is non-toxic and is formulated with approved cosmetic and naturally derived ingredients.


Are there any side effects?

Remescar Complete Care Skin Perfector may give a slight stinging sensation upon application. This is caused by the natural sponge micro-needling technology which ensures a better penetration of active ingredients.
For both ampoules, if too much concentrate is applied irritations can appear, if so discontinue the use.


Can the product be used during pregnancy and/ or breastfeeding?

Remescar 5 Days Ideal Skin is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


Has the product been tested on animals?

No, Remescar 5 Days Ideal Skin has not been tested on animals.


Is the tingling effect of the Complete Care Skin Perfector dangerous?

No, the natural sponge micro-needling technology has been used as a traditional treatment for decades, and has proven to be a very simple, safe, effective and minimally invasive technique. The microneedles give a slight stinging sensation while stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.


Will it be less effective to use only half of an ampoule?

In order to be effective, enough concentrate needs to be used. In general, it’s seen that one ampoule is sufficient. If less product is used, the effects could be minimized depending on the skin area that is treated.


Can I use Remescar products together?

Yes you can. Except for the combination of Remescar Night Renewal Exfoliator with Remescar Retinol Serum. We recommend applying products in order of thinnest to thickest texture and give your skin time to absorb the product after each application.

When the products are combined, it offers a complete solution to rejuvenate your appearance in a safe and effective way since results have been clinically proven. At least, when you use them in the right order and carefully read the instructions of use.

Remescar developed therefor a 4 steps skincare routine for day and night which prepares and treats your skin to achieve the best possible results with our instant products.


Can I use Remescar Night Renewal Exfoliator with other skin care products?

We recommend not to use Remescar Night Renewal Exfoliator in combination with other skin peeling, retinol, acid and/or acne products.


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