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Rommelsbacher Bread Maker
Rommelsbacher Bread Maker is simply perfect for making home-made bread according to your own recipes. Bake your favourites while having the option to choose the ingredients yourself for a natural recipe without additives and preservatives. A total of 12 programmes plus 1 free programme are available, thus a large variety of breads can be made - gluten-free recipes included! You can also decide the degree of browning yourself and have more flexibility in whether you want to make a larger or smaller serving of bread. 

The ingredients container is programmed at the push of a button – nuts, grains and other “extras” are added automatically and at the right time. Further programmes for stirring and kneading  dough,  for  baking  cakes  and  making  jam  complete  the  variety  of  application  possibilities.  The appliance can be programmed up to 13 hours in advance, so you’ll get fresh and perfectly baked bread at the right time, everytime. The removable baking pan can also be cleaned effortlessly thanks to the high quality 3-layer non-stick coating. This appliance is essential for all those who value a healthy and individual diet and who want to produce organic foods at home.

13 programmes for versatile enjoyment as follows:
- 6 programmes for baking bread
- 1 special programme for gluten free bread
- 2 programmes for baking cakes
- 2 programmes, 1 for stirring & 1 for kneading
- 1 programme for making jam
- 1 individually programmable operation for customized bread

Product Specifications
Made in China

Product dimensions: 
Machine: 22cm (Width) x 29.5cm (Depth) x 33cm (Height)
Inner Tray: 13.2cm(Width) x 13.2cm(Depth) x 16cm (Height)
Product weight: 1kg
Cord Length: 1M
Power: 550W
Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50Hz
Capacity: 2L

- Recommended to use heat-proof potholders for protection when removing the baking pan.
- Do not cover or line the baking pan and the heating elements with aluminum foil
- Only use the original baking pan respectively original kneade

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I also use baking mixtures?
Yes, all kinds of baking mixtures for bread can be used. Always fill in the liquid and then the dry ingredients.
Can I also bake small breads (400 g)?
Yes, baking small breads is also possible. However, there should still be enough dough in the pot that the dough can be kneaded reasonably. For baking very small quantities, please use the programme “Kurz” (short).
Isn’t the appliance too small for yeast dough made from 500 g of flour, once the dough “rises” and thus has much more volume?
Not at all, it is not too small for this. The bread maker is designed to bake bread with a final weight of up to 900 g.
Will there be any problem if I did not put extra ingredients in the container, but forgot to turn it off?
No, it doesn’t matter. The ingredients container opens with a “click” and stays open downwards. However, you can close it by hand if you do not want the heat to expand upwards later during baking.
Cleaning in the dishwasher?
The inner container is equipped with a very high quality non-stick coating. Therefore, cleaning in the dishwasher is not necessary and also not advisable. Tips for simple cleaning are described in the instruction manual.
Is it possible to enter an individual baking programme in the bread maker?
Yes, you can enter your own baking program. Programme No. 13 is an individual programme, for which the kneading, rising and baking times can be determined individually.
Which bread size should I use for a ready-made baking mix (500 g)?
Please make the setting for the bread size according to the filling weight of the baking pan. Add all other ingredients (in this case “water”) to the 500 g of baking mixture and you get a value for the bread size.

How do I bake a cake (60 minutes baking time)? If I select program 8 (baking), a baking time of only 10 minutes is displayed?
The programme (BAKING) has a variable baking time of 10 – 60 minutes. Use the keyboard to increase the value to the desired baking time.
Is the baking pan also suitable for sourdough?
Yes, the baking pan is also designed for processing sourdough. In this respect, the coating is a very important issue.
The programs cannot be set. What can I do?
Please press the start/stop button until you hear a beep. Each program can now be set using the program button.
My bread collapses in the middle part and doesn’t rise properly. What can I do?
The optimal water temperature for preparing bread is approx. 20 – 25 ° C. If lukewarm water is added, the rising process is triggered much too early. During the rising phase, the hot water dough gains volume. Thus, before the end of baking, the bread will collapse.


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