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Improve your walking strength even when you are sitting down resting. As you place both feet on MTG Foot Fit, by using Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Training Gear, MTG Foot Fit sends electric currents that travel through both feet, from the calf and tibialis anterior muscles, up to the thighs, strengthening the muscle tissues efficiently. 

How to Use: Place both feet on device Start training with a long press of the “ON” button Select between 15 levels of intensity for the ideal training result When training is complete, return it to the storage.



Featuring the collaborative design of EMS Technology at 20 Hertz and Top Athlete’s training theory, the SIXPAD Body Fit fits the contours of the arms, waist and thighs and targets each muscle with a proprietary CMM Pulse. This progressively tones and firms muscles from start to finish leaving muscles strengthened and defined. 


Do you know? Calf muscles play an important role in a healthy & quality life, by pumping blood, supporting our posture, and even prevent injuries.

Calf muscles propel us forward, giving the push from the heel to toe, contributing to our pace and stride length. Train your calf muscles to create more power to step forward, maintain balance & strengthen the lower body.


 Foot Fit is great for the elderly too! It helps to strengthen and train leg muscles effortlessly. Leg muscles tend to degenerate as we age, causing leg muscles to weaken and problems with walking starts to occur. Prevent and improve the strength in legs with just 23 minutes each day, at the comfort of your home.


How to Use: Stick the gel sheets to the electrodes and attach to the body. Start training with a long press of the “+” button. Select between 15 levels of intensity for the ideal training result. When training is complete, return it to the storage sheet.


Product Specifications:
Design in MTG Japan, assemble in China 


Dimensions: 33.5cm (w) x 32.9cm (L) x 8.2cm (H)

Net Weight: 1.27kg 


SIXPAD Body Fit 
Dimensions:11.2cm (L) x 24.4cm (w)

Net Weight: 4.9g



Frequently Asked Questions

On which parts of the body should the product not be used?

Do not use the product on the following parts of the body. Doing so may cause accidents, or problems with the body or skin.

Does the product generate electromagnetic waves? Won't it harm the body?

The product does generate electromagnetic waves. It has cleared international testing for electromagnetic waves.  

In terms of effects on the body, when the product is used according to the instruction manual and the current is at the level of this product, there are no negative effects.

However, if the product is used contrary to the directions in the instruction manual, such as using it for a long time on one part of the body, or using it in a way not described in the instruction manual, then a negative effect on the body may be possible. Start using it on a weaker level.


Is it possible to get an electrical shock due to sweat?
The possibility of getting an electrical shock via sweat is extremely low, but we cannot say it is absolutely zero. If your body is sweaty, please wipe it off prior to use.


Can I use the product at the same time as other SIXPAD/EMS products?

You can use the Abs Fit, Abs Belt, or Arm Belt, or the Body Fit on the waist or arms. 

For safety reasons, we do not recommend using other EMS devices on the lower body while using the Foot Fit (for example, the Bottom Belt or Leg Belt, or the Body Fit on the legs).


May I use the product after applying lotion or body cream?

Before using the product, please wipe your feet clean of anybody creams or lotions that contain any kind of oil. Otherwise, the electricity will not flow to your body.


What should I be careful of when I first start using it?

Please use the product with bare feet, and place both feet snugly on the foot pads. If the soles of your feet and the foot pads are not snug, electricity will not flow to your feet evenly and it may cause too much stimulation, or even pain. 

Never touch the foot pads with your hands while the device is in use. Doing so may cause accidents or health problems due to the strong electrical stimulation. 

Do not attempt to use the product while standing, and do not put your weight on the device. Do not put your weight on the level control buttons and avoid standing on the device while your toes are on them. 

Please do not use other EMS devices on your lower body while using this device.


What level should I use? What level is effective?

You should feel the muscles in your calves contracting sharply. Please choose an intensity level that does not cause you discomfort or pain. If the muscles in your calves are not engaged, and you feel more stimulation in your ankles or feet, then, once you are used to the product, raise the intensity level until the muscles in your calves react. 


[Supplementary information]

Please do not use the unit at a level where you feel strong pain or discomfort. It can lead to muscle pain and muscle fatigue. Muscle pain and training effect are not proportional, so please use the unit once each day for each part of the body. Since EMS has the characteristic of selectively mobilizing fast muscles in which hypertrophy occurs easily, it is expected that muscle hypertrophy will occur even if training is not done to the extent that it causes severe muscle pain after use. At the start, try using the unit at a weak level such as level 1


What effect will you see if you use SIXPAD?

We are unable to provide an answer in regard to the benefits of using the device, since it is not a medical device. This product uses electrical stimulation to exercise the muscles, which aids in building muscle, making the legs stronger, and toning the body.


How long should I use the product for it to be effective?

Changes will not appear immediately after use. Since there are individual differences including the environment in which it is used, constitution, etc. in the period until effects are realized, we cannot answer unconditionally, but training results can be expected if you use SIXPAD continually. Effective results were measured after about 8 weeks in our internal test results.


How much should the product be used during the day to be effective? Can I use it for long periods?

Use up to 23 minutes per day for one area. Please refrain from using it repeatedly on the same area, as that may cause muscle fatigue. Moreover, if you experience any abnormalities in your body or on your skin, stop using the device immediately and consult your doctor.


What is the most effective time to use it?

In principle, it can be used at any time. It is held in general that your body adapts to the rhythm of any training you do over time, so rather than doing it without a systematic schedule, e.g. sometimes in the morning and sometimes in the evening, maintaining a constant rhythm is ideal. So, when talking about the best time, we would recommend using it around the same time every day.


Why do training sessions incorporate pauses?

Muscles are trained through repeating a pattern of contraction and relaxation. The pauses are when muscles relax, and by adjusting the duration of the pauses the intensity of the exercise is adjusted. (The shorter the pauses the higher the exercise intensity.) 

These pauses are also the time where muscles take in the energy and oxygen they need to move, so when they are prevented from taking this time the effect of training will be reduced.


What is a soft start?

It is a safety function for preventing sudden stimulation and gradually accustoming the body to muscle stimulation. Soft start is incorporated when manually switching the level or when the program's experience is automatically switched.


How should I sit while using the device?

Sit on a chair or sofa, and make sure that your lower back touches the back of the seat and your knees are bent. Place the soles of your feet snugly on the silicon pads. 

Please change your posture (for example, by straightening your legs) if you feel there is too much stimulation to your soles and find it uncomfortable.


Are there any weight restrictions?

No, there are no weight restrictions for using the Foot Fit. However, the level control buttons, and the LCD screen cannot hold much weight. Be careful not to put your weight on them.


Will my muscles get sore from using this product?

Just as with any kind of training, your muscles may get sore. If your muscles are sore, refrain from using the product or lower the level.


What is the feature CMM Pulse about?

It is the core technology of SIXPAD. It comes from world-leading research and it uses the frequency 20 Hz, which is effective for training, but in MTG’s proprietary waveform, which reduces pain specific to low frequencies; this is combined with the training methods of Cristiano Ronaldo, the soccer star. CMM comes from the “C” of Cristiano Ronaldo, the “M” of professor emeritus Moritani and the “M” of MTG. It was named for these three.


Do I have to use the product with bare feet?

Please use the product with bare feet. Otherwise the electricity will not flow to your body. 

If the soles of your feet are too dry, that could also keep the electricity from flowing to your body. If your feet are dry, you can place wet wipes on the foot pads and use the product. Alternatively, you can wipe your feet with a wet towel to make the soles of your feet damp.


Generally, it is said that muscle training should be done once every two days. But can I use SIXPAD every day?

Yes. We recommend once a day for 23 minutes for each part of your body. 

In case of muscle pain, please refrain from using it or use it at a weaker level. 

If asked, "Why is it no problem to use it everyday?" as a follow up, please explain the following. 

"Destruction and super-recovery" is generally said to be training theory, but it is an extreme training method of muscle damage and regeneration. 

Actually, even if "destruction and super-recovery" is not done, muscles will enlarge. 

Strong mechanical stress is given to the muscle fibres by electrical stimulation, and muscle development is made by protein synthesis. If strong muscle aches do not occur, there is no problem in using SIXPAD on a daily basis. 

We acquire evidence when EMS is used everyday. 

EMS has already been proven to cause muscle hypertrophy in Professor Moritani's past papers.


Please explain the theory behind muscle hypertrophy from EMS.

Electrical stimulation applies a strong mechanical stress on muscle fibers, resulting in the synthesis of protein and the development of muscle.


This device is not suitable for the following:


Do not use the product in conjunction with any of the medical electrical equipment listed below, or any similar equipment.

Doing either of these things may cause accidents or malfunctions in the medical electrical equipment, which may lead to serious physical harm. 

・Implanted medical electrical equipment, such as pacemakers

・Medical electrical equipment used to sustain life, such as heart-lung machines

・Wearable medical electrical equipment, such as EKGsDo not put the device near any medical electrical equipment implanted in a person, such as a pacemaker. (It must be kept at least 22 cm away.) 


Do not use the device if any of the following categories apply to you. Doing so may cause accidents, or problems with the body or skin.  

・Persons with heart disease

・Women who are pregnant or have recently given birth

・Persons who have been instructed by a doctor not to exercise

・Persons who have injuries on the soles of their feet

・Persons who have consumed alcohol


Can I use the product when I have chilblains?

Please do not use the product when you have injuries on the soles of your feet. Please wait until the condition has healed to use the product.


My skin turns red and tingles.

Your skin may be sensitive to the electrical stimulation, or to the materials used in the conductive rubber. If you have those symptoms, please stop using the product and keep an eye on your skin. If it doesn't get better within a few hours, please consult a doctor.


Why cannot I use it during pregnancy / shortly after birth?

The device uses electrical stimulation. We ask that our customers not use the product when they are pregnant, out of consideration for their safety and that of their child.

shortly after childbirth your skin is more sensitive than usual, and your physical condition is unstable. We therefore ask you to refrain from use to ensure your safety.


Can I use it when breastfeeding?

The achievement of a stable condition after childbirth varies per individual. Therefore, please check with a doctor who has an understanding of your physical condition.


How long after childbirth can I use it?

It varies according to individual differences in physical condition after childbirth. For that reason, we cannot say categorically how long after childbirth before you can use it. (Generally, after 6 months) So, please have a doctor who is familiar with your condition confirm when it is appropriate.


Can I use the product on children?

They can use the product if they are able to understand the Instruction Manual and use the product correctly, but we ask that, in principle, you refrain from its use on children. In the event of use on children, we ask that it is done under the supervision of an adult.


Can I use the product on a pet?

The product was not designed for use by pets. As such, we ask that you not use it in that way, from both the perspectives of the safety of your pet and the quality of the product.


Can you use it with accessories (necklace, earrings, etc.) attached?

Remove any metal accessories on your lower body. You can use the device while wearing accessories on your upper body. However, a metal object touching the areas of the device from which electricity flows could result in unexpected accidents, injuries, or damage. In order to prevent accidentally touching your accessories to the device, we recommend that you remove them before using the device.


Can you use the product while wearing electronic equipment (wrist watch, pedometer, other electrical products / beauty devices, etc.)?

Keep electronic devices (wristwatches, pedometers, other electronic devices, beauty devices, etc.) away from the product during use. Doing otherwise may cause the electronic device to malfunction or get damaged.


Operation and Maintenance
What is the proper way to use it?

Please check the Instruction Manual. 1. Make sure that the Child Lock switch on the right side of the device is unlocked. 

2. Press and hold the [ON/▲] button until the screen turns on. 

3. Sit back in a seat and place the soles of both feet snugly on the foot pads. 

4. Press the [ON/▲] and [OFF/▼] buttons to adjust the intensity level.


Is there an automatic off function?

・When the 23-minute training program is complete, the device will automatically go into sleep mode.  

・The foot icon on the screen will flash if you turn on the product while your feet are not in contact with the device. If this state lasts more than 2 minutes, the device will automatically go into sleep mode.  

・If you do not press the [+] button for more than 5 minutes after turning the device on, the device will automatically go into sleep mode. 


Can I choose the intensity (level) of bodily sensation?

Yes. There are 20 levels.


Can I adjust the frequency by myself?

No,you can't.


I do not feel any electrical stimulation.

・Is the switch turned on? 

└ Press and hold the [ON/▲] button (for one second or longer). 

・Is the intensity level too low? 

└ Push the [ON/▲] button to raise the intensity level. 

・Are the batteries running out? (Is the battery icon flashing?) 

└ Replace the batteries. 

・Are you using the device with bare feet? 

└ If you are wearing socks or tights, take them off and use the device with your bare feet. 

・The soles of your feet may be too dry. 

└ Use the device when your feet are damp, such as after taking a bath, or place thin, wet pieces of cloth on the foot pads under the soles of your feet.


I tried to turn on the power immediately A46after purchase, but there seems to be no reaction. Is the power on?

Please make sure that the child safety lock is off.  If the child safety lock is off, press and hold the [+] button and see if the device turns on. Please make sure that there are batteries in the device, as well.


How do I clean the device?

(1) Wipe off sweat and moisture carefully with a soft cloth to avoid scratches. 

(2) If the unit gets dirty, dip a soft cloth in neutral detergent diluted to 3 to 5% with lukewarm water, wring out thoroughly, and wipe off the dirt on the surface carefully. 

(3) Wet the cloth with water, wring it out thoroughly, and wipe off the detergent. 

(4) Air dry the unit in a well-ventilated shaded location.


How often should I clean the device?

How quickly the device gets dirty will vary according to the environment and frequency of use. Please clean the device as often as you feel is necessary.

Can I wipe the device with a sterilizing agent, such as antibacterial wipes? 

⇒ Can I use a sterilizing agent, such as antibacterial wipes or spray?

Yes, you can


Is it waterproof?

No. It is not waterproof.


Are the foot pads washable?

They are not washable. Please wipe them with a wet towel or non-alcohol wet wipes.




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